Stars, they’re just like us! They also get food stuck in their teeth.

Nick Jonas was the latest to fall victim to the embarrassing predicament when he performed at the Grammys with his brothers this January. The trio debuted their new song “Five More Minutes,” and he thought it went off without a hitch … until he got off stage.

“There was a slight hiccup,” the youngest Jonas Brothers member said Tuesday on The Tonight Show.

Host Jimmy Fallon then showed a photo of Jonas on stage with spinach in his teeth. Funny enough, one of the first people to tell the singer about it was another coach from The Voice.

Getting off stage, “I went to my phone, and the first message on my phone was from Adam Levine,” Jonas said. “He’s like, ‘Nice performance, you had a little schmutz in your teeth.’” 

Levine was a longtime coach on the singing competition before leaving in 2019. Jonas was a consultant during the Maroon 5 frontman’s tenure, and recently he permanently joined John Legend, Blake Shelton, and Kelly Clarkson as a coach.

The image of Jonas with food in his mouth made the rounds on social media during the Grammys, with fans tweeting up a storm about the incident.

Jonas was good-humored about the situation, responding to comments, “At least you know I eat my greens.”

Still, like many others, Jonas was left wondering why no one informed him about his faux-pas — especially his brothers and bandmates Joe and Kevin.

“Here’s the thing that’s really frustrating about this,” he told Fallon. “First of all, there was spinach in my teeth from my breakfast. In the entire day, no one thought to be like, ‘Hey man, there’s something back there?’”

But Jonas gave the situation a positive and humble spin: “It just goes to show you that you can perform at the Grammys and be nominated and still have spinach in your teeth.”

On the talk show, Jonas revealed the band’s working on a new album, and the group is also set to embark on a Las Vegas residency beginning in April.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly