It’s official: Taylor Swift is the Man.

The pop star released the music video for the fourth single off her album Lover — “The Man” — Thursday morning. The song, which Swift penned with frequent collaborator Joel Little, sees Swift contemplating what people would say about her life and career if she were a man.

Swift literally becomes “The Man” for the video, an obnoxious alpha-bro who manspreads, yells at co-workers, parties on yachts, gets lauded as the “World’s Greatest Dad” just for spending time with his kid, and eventually becomes an old man marrying a much younger woman. At the end of the video, “The Man” walks off set and asks his director (Swift) for notes — with his voice dubbed by Dwayne Johnson. And if you stay tuned to the very end, you’ll see a time-lapse of Swift’s transformation for the video.

Swift directed the music video solo, marking the first time she’s done so for an official single’s music video. She previously co-directed the other Lover-era music videos for her singles “Me!,” “You Need to Calm Down,” and “Lover.”

Of “The Man,” she previously said she’d been wanting to tackle this subject in a song for a long time. “I could never figure out exactly how to phrase it. I’ve wondered several times, ‘If I had been a man instead of a woman and had lived my life exactly the same way, what would people have said about me?,’” she said. “It’s about perception. It’s not, what would I do if I were a man? It’s about how I would be seen if I’d done exactly the same stuff.”

“The Man” was first sent to radio stations as a single during the week of Jan. 27. A lyrics-only video followed on Feb. 7, and 10 days later she shared a video of her performing the song live in Paris.

Watch the music video for “The Man” above.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly