John Legend and Kane Brown are a musical force to be reckoned with.

The duo collaborated on their new song “Last Time I Say Sorry” which dropped Friday. PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive, 41, and the country star, 26, first met on the set of The Voice in December when Kane appeared on the show as a guest performer. Coach Legend and Kane teamed up for a special episode of Trailer Talk with John Legend — the EGOT-winner’s (Emmy, Oscar, Grammy and Tony) mini series to showcase performances backstage at the hit singing competition. The artists quickly formed a bond and decided to collaborate once again, but this time to officially release new music.

Brown has nothing but words of admiration for Legend“I am a huge John Legend fan and my wife is such a huge fan of him and his wife,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “I think John has been a part of some of the greatest love songs of the last 10 years.”

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“His voice and delivery and writing are all amazing,” Brown said. “He’s great to work with. He is such a professional and so talented, but also really kind. He’s such a good dude, and it comes naturally to him.”

Legend’s long history of love songs including his classic hits like “Ordinary People” and new singles like “Conversations in the Dark” weren’t the only factors that connected him with Brown — the two also bonded over being dads to their little girls.

“We both have daughters and I think that also can change your thoughts about being in a relationship a lot of the time,” Brown, who became a first-time dad after welcoming his daughter Kingsley Rose with his wife Katelyn in October said. “Like how will I want someone to treat my daughter one day?”


The two award-winners will make their TV performance debut of “Last Time I Say Sorry” on ACM Presents: Our Country which airs Sunday, April 5 from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. local time on CBS.

The love tune is “more of an apology song and being on the side of the relationship that you know you hurt someone, but want to make it work. I’m really proud of how it came out,” Brown said.

Part of the track goes, “I’ll never be perfect though I’m gonna try / Oh, I’m gonna do better I swear that I won’t say I’m sorry over and over / Can’t just say I’m sorry, I’ve gotta show you / I won’t do it again, I’ll prove my love is true.”

Brown and Legend wrote the song in just one day within the same week they met, Legend retweeted a video that Brown shared from their recording session in January.

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From listening to the tune, the country star wants fans to know that they too can have the affection, care and overall lifestyle they desire regardless of their circumstances.

“ what matters the most,” Brown said. “And that it doesn’t matter where you came from, you can have the type of love and happiness, and life, you want.”

Chatting with PEOPLE, Legend revealed the true meaning behind his newest solo release “Actions.”

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“Actions, it’s really about, well you know the saying of course is actions speak louder than words. And we all know that saying. And you may have said that to someone you love, that disappointed you or didn’t come through when they said they would,” he said. “We’ve also described that idea that love is an action. It’s not just a word you say. It comes with action. And of course, as a song writer, I thought it’d be interesting to write a song that said, actions speak louder than love songs.”

“I wrote it in the context of thinking about times when I’ve messed up in my own relationships, whether with Chrissy or, you know, back when I was a bachelor,” he explained. “And I was thinking about all those times and writing, you know, about times where I’ve been selfish, times where I’ve not lived up to the lyrics and my songs, and I felt like it was a cool idea for a song because I think a lot of people though they may not be songwriters, they understand that sentiment of actions speaking louder than words.”

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