Kanye West is opening up again about his support for Donald Trump.

In the cover interview for WSJ. Magazine‘s April issue that dropped Wednesday, the 42-year-old rapper reflects on the backlash he’s experienced standing by the president’s side — explaining that he resents the fact that fans make assumptions about him because of his race, profession, and education.

“I’m a black guy with a red hat, can you imagine?” West says. “It reminded me of how I felt as a black guy before I was famous, when I would walk in a restaurant and people would look at you like you were going to steal something. ‘This is your place, Ye, don’t talk about apparel. This is your place, Ye, you’re black, so you’re a Democrat.’ ”

The 21-time Grammy winner goes on to point out that his financial and celebrity status hasn’t protected him in life.

“Everything is about putting people in their place. Classism, protectionism—not just racism,” West adds. “Classism is like living on a bookshelf. The more money you have, the higher you go. And you get to the top and look over and what do you see? Fear.”

And while others might be paralyzed by that fear, West uses it as a driving factor in life, especially when it comes to his design projects.

“I do not like the word ambitious. I’m Kanye West. The word ambitious is beneath my abilities,” says West. “I’m just a doer.”

“You can see in my eyes there’s not one bit of fear,” he insists.

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West has long spoken out about his love of Trump, even though — as he tells WSJ. Magazine he does not follow politics and is not even registered to vote.

The two famously got together at the White House in October 2018 to talk tax cuts, prison reform, mental health and racism.

Then, in a series of tweets in April 2018, West called the former Celebrity Apprentice host “my brother,” writing, “You don’t have to agree with Trump but the mob can’t make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.”

He reiterated that loyalty in another tweetstorm last January. “They will not program me,” West wrote. “Blacks are 90 percent Democrats. That sounds like control to me.”

“One of my favorite of many things about what the Trump hat represents to me is that people can’t tell me what to do because I’m black,” West said. “We will change the world. God is on my side. I am a Christian. I am a tax payer. I am myself. God is with us.”

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West’s love for President Trump also comes back to the belief that he will find support in government.

He has “unusual access to the Trump administration,” WSJ. Magazine points out — citing how West called Trump to help free fellow rapper A$AP Rocky back in July after he was taken into custody in Stockholm, Sweden, on July 2 following a street altercation involving a 19-year-old male.

As the magazine lays out, West called Jared Kushner at the White House from his swimming pool in Calabasas. Less than an hour later, while West was out of the pool and eating breakfast, he received a call back from the president.

Hours later, Trump tweeted, “Just spoke to @KanyeWest about his friend A$AP Rocky’s incarceration. I will be calling the very talented Prime Minister of Sweden to see what we can do about helping A$AP Rocky.”

Rocky, né Rakim Mayers, was charged with assault, to which he pleaded not guilty. He was released from detention on Aug. 2 before being convicted by the Stockholm District Court on Aug. 14.

In February, Rocky told WSJ. Magazine there was a silver lining in regard to his Swedish legal problems.

All these old folks know who A$AP Rocky is now,” he joked the outlet. “It’s hilarious. Old folks be like, ‘That A$AP Rocky kid ain’t too bad, huh?’”

Source: People.com (https://people.com/music/kanye-west-opens-up-about-publicly-supporting-trump-im-a-black-guy-with-a-red-maga-hat/)