The Backstreet Boys are celebrating a major milestone!

Monday marks the 27th anniversary of the making of the iconic boyband, who took some time to celebrate the occasion with a post on Instagram, thanking their fans for the continued support.

“Today marks 27 years of the Backstreet Boys,” the band’s official Instagram account shared. “On Apr 20, 1993, we were all so young and standing together for the first time as a group.”

“We did not know you yet. Each one of you were but a dream to us,” their note continued, referencing their fans. “We hoped you’d hear our music. Then you came…a dozen …a hundred…thousands…millions!? To say we dreamed for this would be an understatement. We know we are here because of you. You were our little dream and now you are all our reality. Grateful for what each of you has given us and for what’s ahead…As long as there’ll be music… 🖤

Alongside the sweet note, they shared a throwback photo of the group, huddling together on the beach as they walked barefoot through the sand.

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Several fans shared adoring messages for the band in the comments section of the post. One wrote, “Thank you for all your love through all this years!!! Love U !!! KTBSPA!!! ❤❤❤❤,” referencing the popular slogan used by the band and its fans, “Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive.”

“Thank you for being in my life this past 27 years! Your music is part of my day, in good and bad times. I love you guys to the moon and back, forever! Happy anniversary!!! ❤❤❤❤❤,” another fan shared.

Earlier this year, AJ McLean opened up to PEOPLE about the “undeniable” bond all five members have with one another. He described the group as their collective “first marriage.”

“We’ve had our fights, believe me but there’s a certain bond that’s just undeniable with us and literally, this is our first marriage. Before any of our real marriages” he said while attending The Call of the Wild premiere in February.

McLean even mentioned the pop gorup’s upcoming anniversary. “Most Hollywood marriages don’t even last a year. This is 27 years almost,” he added.

“Communication is key,” he said wa the group’s key to success, adding that “having fun” and “respect” for one another are also important factors.

“If somebody is just kind of burnt out and they just want a break, let’s give them a break. Now that we have more control over our schedule, it makes the job more fun,” he said. “We got great wives and kids that keep us grounded and we’re trying to set a good example for all of our kids.”

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Part of setting that good example was taking part in Fox and iHeartRadio’s Living Room Concert for America last month, a major benefit concert that helped raise funds for relief and support for Americans impacted by COVID-19.

The boys — McLean, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson — all virtually reunited to perform “I Want It That Way” from the comfort of their own homes. Littrell kicked things off from his home in Atlanta, singing the tune’s famous opening line, “You are my fire, my one desire,” before the other four members came in for the harmony.

Each member had their chance to shine and sing solo while showing off their best at-home attire. Carter and Richardson were each accompanied by their kids as well.

Following the broadcast, fans praised the Backstreet Boys and their social distancing edition of their classic track.

“Proud of @backstreetboys for doing this and being a part of this tonight,” one fan tweeted.

“That Backstreet Boys facetime performance was appropriately surreal for this moment, and I enjoyed EVERY DAMN MOMENT #iHeartConcertonFOX,” another wrote.

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