Bebe Rexha has found the ultimate under eye concealer trick — and she’s sharing her step-by-step makeup process in a new Vogue tutorial.

“I’m here in my bathroom at my house with my dark circles and all and I’m gonna give you my beauty routine from start to finish,” the pop star, 30, said at the beginning of the video, rocking a fresh, makeup-free face.

Rexha explained that one of the biggest challenges she’s always faced when doing her makeup was finding the best way to even out her skin tone. “I found really hard working with a lot of other makeup artists or for me was getting rid of my dark circles or some of this discoloration that I might have,” she said.

To help, she started using a tinted peach-tone color corrector before applying concealer or foundation. “I’m going to add it to the spots where I am going to get rid of the darkness,” the star explained.

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Starting under the eyes, Rexha tapped the color corrector into her skin using a damp beautyblender sponge. “It’s going to counteract the darkness underneath my eyes and when we put a concealer on top, it’s going to look like my skin color. It’s going to be awesome,” she said.

After she finished, Rexha lightly applied La Mer's Sheer Pressed Powder to the same areas before going in with her “favorite thing that I’ve ever used for concealer” — the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer.

“So my number one thing about this product is when you put it on, you gotta let it sit,” she explained as she applied the formula. “I will literally put this on and start working around my face and add my foundation cause this product has to kind of mush into the skin a little bit or it will not work the way that you want it to.”

While the pop star let the concealer sit under her eyes before blending, she then applied La Mer Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation all over the rest of her face. But she made sure to keep it lightweight. “The heaviest thing is my concealer,” Rexha said as she blended in the foundation.

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Then she blends in the concealer under her eyes and happily said, “There’s no more dark circles! Ahh!”

But Rexha wasn’t done quite yet. To make sure her base would stay locked in place, she tapped a Guerlain face powder where the concealer was applied using the beautyblender. “I like this powder because it doesn’t turn my under eyes gray and that’s really important for me,” she said.

Her final look was complete with bold blue eye shadow, a little bit of Fenty Beauty bronzer , a few dabs of rosy pink blush and a pinky nude lipstick. See Rexha’s full makeup application technique in the video above.

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