Robin Sparkles lives on!

Cobie Smulders took a trip down memory lane on Monday during an Instagram Live chat with her Stumptown costar Jake Johnson, briefly revisiting her How I Met Your Mother character Robin Scherbatsky’s Canadian pop star past.

During the chat, part of Vulture‘s “Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out with People Who Know Each Other Well” Instagram Live series, fans in the comments repeatedly requested that Smulders, 38, sing “Let’s Go to the Mall,” the fictional Robin Sparkles single from the CBS sitcom.

“Everybody’s asking me to sing ‘Let’s Go to the Mall,'” Smulders remarked about 10 minutes into the livestream. “Everybody wants me to do that!”

“I’m putting you on the spot. Do you remember it?” asked Johnson, 41.

After Smulders admitted she “definitely” remembered the beginning of the song, Johnson playfully began coaxing a performance out of his friend.

“Come on, give us some heat,” he said. “And I don’t want a ‘I’m kind of tired’ 6. Give us a goddamn 10. We’re all living COVID-19, give us a damn 10. If you’re going to do it, go hard.”

View this post on Instagram Before quarantine, @mrjakejohnson and @cobiesmulders recently wrapped shooting Stumptown together. They reunited on our Instagram Live to catch up and reminisced on their experiences on New Girl and How I Met Your Mother. Cobie even treated us all to a bit of "Let's Go to the Mall" ✨ Watch the full conversation on our IGTV.

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Finally, Smulders acquiesced and launched into the first verse.

“Come on Jessica, come on Tori / Let’s go to the mall, you won’t be sorry,” she sang in the character’s signature Canadian accent.

“That was awesome,” Johnson cheered.

“That was the beginning of it. You’re f—ing welcome,” Smulders joked, adding that she’s been toying with the idea of putting together an acoustic version of the track.

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How I Met Your Mother aired for nine seasons from 2005 to 2014, starring Smulders, Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan, plus Cristin Milioti eventually as the titular mother.

During Monday’s Instagram Live, Smulders reflected on the show’s run and said some of her fondest memories were working with the crew.

“We had such an amazing crew on that show, and we also just worked together for so long,” she said. “I mean, we had babies that were born, we had people pass away, we had weddings and all sorts of life.”

“I moved to New York right after so I kind of lost touch with people, but … I just remember them all so well and had such an amazing time,” she said. “So I miss that.”

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