Gone West has released the lyric video for their song “Slow Down” — and it couldn’t be more timely.

As people across the globe continue to practice social distancing and abide by shelter at home mandates amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Colbie Caillat‘s band is giving their fans something fun to watch and listen to.

On Monday, the country quartet — comprised of Caillat, Justin Young, and married pair Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy — shared the “Slow Down” lyric video exclusively with PEOPLE.

“We explained to them what our vision of the song was when we listened to it — you know, driving through canyons, whether it’s on the coast or in the middle of the country — and it’s two people in a car and falling in love. So the animation they put in the lyric video we thought was so cute and beautiful,” explains Caillat, 34.

The song was written by the band last summer and was the final track to be added to the Canyons album.

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But although the song is Caillat’s favorite of the entire album, writing the tune with her fellow bandmates didn’t come as easy as it normally does.

“We didn’t even need more songs, but we just thought let’s give it a shot and we kind of wanted another fun, up tempo song. And what’s crazy is that the song took so long to write. Normally when you’re writing with a few people, or for us this was five people in the room, it goes really fast and you write a song like within three hours. For some reason, this day we had all worked together a bunch and we were on hour five. We literally scrapped the first tiny idea that we had and we were all pretty frustrated. And then we got into talking about how we were frustrated, and why some songs are easy to write and some aren’t and then all of a sudden — we don’t remember which person started this — just started playing the guitar and singing something, but we all were like, ‘Oh my God, there it is! There’s the vibe that we’ve been waiting for,’ ” Caillat recalls.

Though the process had its frustrations, Caillat says she’s “so glad that we fought through it.”

“We challenged ourselves and allowed it to go long and then we wrote that song actually very fast once we got to that point,” says the singer.

“It’s actually my favorite song on the record because I love the sentiment, I love what we said lyrically, it always reminds me sonically and lyrically about driving the coast and through the canyons in California. It has that Fleetwood Mac kind of vibe musically and I love that all four of us in the band are singing lead on it. It’s my favorite song,” says the California native. “I’m really glad that it’s out now so that people get to hear a glimpse of what the rest of the album’s like.”

And channeling the song’s title, the band is currently in “slow down” mode amid the pandemic.

“So in this time of quarantine, we are hanging at home, enjoying our dogs,” Caillat says in a PEOPLE exclusive video introducing the lyric video.

Adds Young, 41: “A lot of hanging at home. Only hanging at home.”

Though they’re currently confined to their house, Caillat says she and Young are “trying to get outside to do some walks when possible for us and the dogs.”

For his part, Young has been “cooking” and “roasting nuts at home.”

As for Joy, she’s been doing “yoga out in the yard” while Reeves has “been trying to read while drinking coffee and playing a lot of guitar.” Keeping them company through it all? Their adorable pup Bella!

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Last week, Caillat announced that she and Young — to whom she was engaged for nearly five years — had split after being together for over a decade.

But despite their breakup, Caillat says she and Young are “still best friends” — and the band is looking forward to performing again for audiences later this year.

“Our intention is to put this album out in June and we have a bunch of shows that we were supposed to be playing right now, but you know everyone has moved them to the end of the year, so now all of our shows are moved to the end of the year. Hopefully this pandemic will be over and we can all get back to life in some way as we knew it and play shows and have our music out there for fans. I mean, that’s what we wanted,” Caillat tells PEOPLE.

She adds, “We’ve been working on this album for two-and-a-half years; we really hope it gets the chance to see the light of day and whatever comes with that will come.”

Gone West’s Canyons album, which is available now for pre-order, is out June 12.

Source: People.com (https://people.com/country/colbie-caillat-band-gone-west-releases-adorable-new-lyric-video-for-slow-down/)