Demi Lovato is getting real about who she’s still friends with from her Disney Channel days — and her answers just might surprise you.

In Harper’s Bazaar May cover story, the “I Love Me” singer, 27, said she’s no longer in contact with ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas or his brothers Nick and Kevin of the Jonas Brothers — whom she starred with in her teens in Camp Rock, the Disney Channel film that launched her career — and that the only fellow alum she still keeps in touch with is Miley Cyrus.

“I talk to Miley ,” Lovato said. “She’s awesome, and I love her to death and always will, always have. But I think she’s kind of the only one from that era that I still stay in touch with.”

Lovato also addressed where she stands with another Disney Channel alum: former best friend Selena Gomez. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Lovato said she’s not currently close with Gomez, 27, whom she’s known since starring on Barney & Friends together as children.

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In reference to the supportive message Gomez posted to her Instagram story after Lovato’s Grammys performance in January, Lovato said: “When you grow up with somebody, you’re always going to have love for them.”

“But I’m not friends with her, so it felt …” she said before stopping herself, according to the magazine. “I will always have love for her, and I wish everybody nothing but the best.”

(In her January Instagram story, Gomez had written: “I wish there were words to describe how beautiful, inspirational and DESERVED this moment was. Demi I’m so happy for you. Thank you for your courage and bravery.”)

In addition to Cyrus, 27, Lovato said she is friends with Ariana Grande, who also rose to fame as a teen. Though Grande, 26, was on a different network than Lovato in their teens — she starred in Victorious on Disney Channel’s competitor Nickelodeon — Lovato said they reconnected after she parted with her longtime manager, Phil McIntyre, in 2018 and signed with Grande’s manager Scooter Braun, who is also known for steering Justin Biebe‘s career.

“I love the fact that Ariana and I have such a supportive friendship because it’s hard to find,” Lovato said. “Two women who are in a competitive industry — the whole world seems to want to pit women against each other, so it would be so easy to do that.”

“I always long for friendships with women,” she continued. “I think it’s so sacred. And actually, late last year, the night of the winter solstice, I had about 16 girls group meditation, and we set our intentions for the new year. It was so beautiful, and that divine feminine energy is what has picked me up and carried me through some of my darkest times.”

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Lovato has long been open about the dark times she faced while on Disney Channel, including how she developed an eating disorder and began using alcohol and drugs. She entered treatment for the first time at age 18 and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder while in recovery.

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Still, though, Lovato can appreciate everything she’s been through.

“I’m grateful for the opportunities that I got,” she said. “Do I wish that I’d had more downtime? Yes. I think when you are a teenager and you’re given your big break, you’ll do anything to make it happen.”

“I do feel that a lot of the way some of my life was handled and lived led to me kind of having a bit of a downfall, just because I was so overworked and I wasn’t dedicating enough time to my mental health or my personal life,” she added.

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