If it weren’t for the coronavirus outbreak, Dinah Jane would be kicking off her first world tour as a solo artist.

Instead, the Fifth Harmony alum is at home in Orange County, California spending some quality time with her huge Polynesian family.

“I would have been in Hawaii , but it’s okay,” the 22-year-old tells PEOPLE. “Everything happens for a reason. It’s all in God’s timing.”

Despite being stuck indoors as she socially distances, Jane has much to celebrate. Her former girl group hit a posthumous milestone, she’s been dropping hot tracks over the last couple of weeks and on Friday, the singer dropped summer-ready tropical bop “Missed a Spot.”

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“It’s the one that resonated the most because it has that island flair to it,” she says of the record that samples Men At Work’s “Down Under.” “I thought it was perfect because I have such an attachment to Australia. I just love the people out there. It was a mashup of all my favorite things in one song. ‘Missed a Spot’ is so fun, flirty and just super catchy.”

“I know you love it when you go down under / I’ll be moving for you like no other,” she sings on the track. “So much body for your lips to discover / I’ma lay here ’til the end of summer.”

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Entering the new decade as a solo artist has given the “Retrograde” singer the opportunity to truly find herself as an artist — something she missed out on as a member of the “Worth It” girl group.

“I don’t think I quite knew who I was when I was in the group,” she says. “I feel like when I had the girls, I couldn’t really define my individual artistry. Now, I’m able to define who I am. I’m able to really focus on myself and see who I truly am in the mirror.”

While she admits that she’s “always been that quiet girl,” she isn’t afraid to tap into the alter ego she introduces in “Missed A Spot:” Ms. Jane.

“She’s the reason I’m dropping these classy ratchet records,” she laughs. “She’s something that I can easily tap into and be that character. Even when the lights turn on, I know how to snap into it and be Ms. Jane.”

“When Ms. Jane comes on, she’s grown and a different woman,” she adds. “She is mentally elevated and she carries herself with much more class and charisma and all that sexiness.”

That same energy is one she channeled in both R&B-driven “1501” and confidence-filled “Lottery,” which she dropped in March.

“I’m not really afraid of anything. I don’t really have any fears,” she says. “I love taking risks and I love challenges so when you listen to my music you always hear different sides.”

The newest tracks are a stark change to her pop-driven 2018 debut “Bottled Up” and prove that she’s always willing to “step out of the box.”

“I feel like I’m not just in one lane,” she explains. “I feel like R&B is definitely in my pocket because it’s something so easy for me to rely on. I feel like whenever my album comes out, you’ll hear a mixture of a couple genres.”

If there’s one thing that’s remained constant throughout her years in the spotlight though, it’s Jane’s love and appreciation for her roots — both her musical start and her Polynesian background.

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“It’s definitely shaped me into who I am and it is a flair that I share in my music,” she says about being Polynesian. “How I carry myself is how my culture is like. We’re very grounded and are the type of people who will give anything off our backs for you. It’s always about having open arms.”

And about being in the group, that’s “something I would never hide in the dark” — especially now that the group’s hit “Work from Home” hit 1 billion plays on Spotify.

“The group kind of took up a huge chunk of my youth, so I can’t hide the fact that I was in it,” says Jane, who was only 16 when she joined Camila Cabello, Ally Brooke, Lauren Jauregui and Normani to form Fifth Harmony. “I am so proud of everything that we’ve done and have accomplished.”

“I feel like ‘Work from Home’ is just something that will never leave us,” she adds. “It’s that timeless record we’ll always have.”

Fifth Harmony served as a mere introduction to the confident queen Jane is presenting to the world in her new music — and she promises that more surprises are on the way.

“I let my music speak for itself, and through my music you can hear who I really am,” she says. “It’s literally my journal.”

“Missed a Spot” is out now.

Source: People.com (https://people.com/music/dinah-jane-talks-solo-music-missed-a-spot/)