When he dropped his latest single, “Toosie Slide,” Drake made history as the first male act to debut in the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100 chart three times, but the true stars of the song’s release have been the Masaka Kids Africana.

The group of young dancers, orphans based in Uganda, have gone viral for their version of the “Toosie Slide” Challenge — a choreographed dance to Drake’s new tune — and the artist himself has helped with their success.

The Canadian rapper shared the video of the Masaka Kids to his Instagram story after directly asking Suuna Hassan, the founder of the organization, if he could post it, according to TMZ.

The Masaka Kids clip has now received more than 320,000 likes and reached nearly one million views on Instagram, just three days after it was first posted. Hassan tells TMZ donations to the organization have increased as well.

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Drake announced he was releasing the song after first teasing it on TikTok along with the dance challenge. He commented on an Instagram post with kids dancing to a snippet of the song, saying, “I’mma drop soon since ya’ll got it going insane,” later confirming the drop with his own post, writing “THURSDAY @ MIDNIGHT.”

He released the quarantine-themed music video the same day he dropped “Toosie Slide,” April 2. It opens on shots of deserted streets and finds a responsibly masked Drake doing the aforementioned TikTok dance alone, with only his various trophies, Kobe jerseys, giant pieces of art, crazy light fixtures, fireworks shows, and a mysterious, lone social-distancing partner to keep him company.

Source: People.com (https://people.com/music/drake-shares-viral-video-africas-masaka-kids-dancing-toosie-slide/)