This hunnay is getting a hubby!

In PEOPLE’s exclusive look at the latest episode of Jeannie Mai’s Kin web series Hello Hunnay, the host of The Real opens up about getting engaged to rapper Jeezy last month. The couple — who started getting to know each other in November 2018 after meeting on her talk show — planned to take a trip to Vietnam with their families in April, but they had to cancel the vacation due to coronavirus concerns. So instead, the “Put On” singer, born Jay Wayne Jenkins, brought Vietnam to them.

“As I walked in, he started to describe that I was stepping into a dinner in Vietnam,” Mai, 41, says in the video of walking into the at-home setup. “So here I was looking at the love of my life as he was transporting me to Vietnam, as I turn my attention to the table, there were all these beautiful Vietnamese dishes. He set up our little chopsticks. And there were lanterns. Here’s the crazy things — there were actual silk lanterns, the kind that you can only get in Vietnam, hanging on the window.”

Then Jeezy, 42, showed Mai a slideshow he’d made in which he superimposed the pair into photos of spots they were supposed to visit in Vietnam. “The fact that Jay did not let the quarantine stop us from still enjoying our trip to Vietnam really touched my heart,” says Mai, who split from ex-husband Freddy Harteis in October 2017 after 10 years of marriage.

While cuddled up by the fireplace, Jeezy got down on one knee and popped the question.

“I completely froze because I just could not believe that he did this,” Mai recalls. “I then at that very moment figured it all out: Jay had planned to propose to me in Vietnam. The reason he brought Vietnam to me is because he didn’t want the quarantine to stop the fact that he wanted to propose to me. Jay is my soulmate.”

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Jeezy then showed her a video with messages from their family members, including Mai’s parents, who offered their approval of the engagement. “Jay had done the most important thing in my culture,” Mai says, “which his to pay respect to the mom and the dad.”

The romantic evening didn’t end there. The newly engaged duo danced the night away on the patio at what Jeezy called Club Ice. Then came “the best part about getting engaged,” which according to Mai, “is telling all your family and friends.”

The next morning, “I didn’t want to open my eyes,” Mai says. “Because I thought, ‘No, this whole thing is a dream.’ ”

Hello Hunnay airs Thursdays on Kin across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Amazon.

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