Jesse McCartney and fiancée Katie Peterson aren’t “Leavin’” each other (nor their house!) any time soon.

The couple has been keeping each other company as they socially distance together due to the coronavirus outbreak — and they’re channeling their energy into videos titled “The Quarantined Couple.”

“We figured while we are going to be in such close quarters together, we might as well make light of it and try to give people a good laugh,” he tells PEOPLE exclusively. “We really enjoy being creative, so this was the perfect opportunity to do that organically.”

“Good morning,” McCartney asks Peterson in their latest episode, shared exclusively with PEOPLE. “You wanna watch something?”

“Okay,” she replies lazily as the bed reclines slowly.

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The couple then proceeds to do some yoga and meditation.

“Before we start, I think we should both set an intention,” Peterson says. “Mine would be health.”

“Patience,” McCartney, 32, interrupts as Peterson turns her head. “Mine would be patience.”

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With clips of the couple napping (the singer steals most of the blanket) to the two dancing around and falling asleep with their adorable pup Bailey, it’s clear their household is filled with so much energy.

“Our dog Bailey gets such separation anxiety that it was easier to just let her be in most of the shots rather than hear her bark from the next room,” he adds.

In another part of the video, McCartney hilariously starts to twerk as Peterson throws play money on him while holding a tough face.

Peterson can also count on the “Beautiful Soul” singer to interrupt some silent reading time. In one part of the video, the singer wears headphones and obnoxiously chews on a rice cake as Peterson tries to get in some reading before she decides to just walk away.

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At the end of the video, Peterson finally gets some much-deserved alone time after McCartney steps outside to take a call and Peterson decides to lock him out and put the blinds down as he stays outside.

“I’m sure tons of couples, who are also now quarantined together, can relate to some of the skits and hopefully these provide even just a minute of entertainment while we all get through this crazy time,” he says.

This is the third episode of “The Quarantined Couple” featuring the pair, who got engaged last September. The two started dating in 2012.

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