Lauren Alaina is still trying to be the “glass half full girl” — even if her time at home hasn’t been “toe-tally” great.

Sharing a silly video of herself wearing a pizza onesie and riding a scooter around her kitchen, the Dancing with the Stars alumna shared that she had broken two of her toes.

As for how they broke? The “Doin’ Fine” singer slipped while taking out the trash at night in the rain.

View this post on Instagram Taking the boot scoot to a whole new level. I Brooks & Dunn went and broke two of my toes. I present to you, “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” feet. Lauren Alaina.

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“I cooked and had some stuff go bad in my refrigerator, so I took the trash out,” the 25-year-old tells PEOPLE. “It was raining and I had on these rubber slides. When I came back into the house and stepped on my hardwood, my feet flew out from underneath me.”

On her way back inside, Alaina grabbed a light that she’d accidentally left out on the porch in the rain. “I didn’t want it to get messed up,” she continues. “When I fell, I saved the light and my foot hit the brass leg of my couch. I protected the light and broke my own toes!”

The country star says she didn’t feel much pain when she fell, but noticed that both her middle toe and second-to-last toe were bleeding.

“My middle toe was literally down, just hanging,” she says.

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Alaina could still walk on her foot, so she grabbed a box of Flight by Yuengling beer, for which she’s a brand ambassador and — “this is hysterical” — fashioned a splint with the cardboard.

“I didn’t have anything to make a splint — you don’t just have that lying around in your house!” she says with a laugh.

Alaina and her manager then traveled to the hospital, protecting herself from the coronavirus by wearing a mask and gloves.

“That was scary,” the “Getting Good” singer says of going into the hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s not like there’s ever a good time to break something,” she adds. “But at least I’m home and everyone’s having to stay home. I’ve got a scooter and I’m scooting around my house. I’m getting pretty good at it now.”

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Alaina’s doctor said the recovery for the toe “that’s really, really broken” will wrap up in 12 weeks, while her other toe should be back to normal in half the time.

“Everyone was saying, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry, I’m praying for you,’” she says. “And while I appreciate that, there are people that are actually really sick in the world right now. I was trying to make light of my situation. It sucks but it’s not nearly as bad as what a lot of people are going through.”

Literally “scooting” around, Alaina shared a video of herself on her scooter to the sound of one of Alaina’s favorite artists: Brooks & Dunn’s “Boot Scootin’ Boogie.”

Duo Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn even wished her a speedy recovery on Twitter.

“It was almost worth breaking my toes,” she jokes. “They’re my heroes so I was like, ‘My foot doesn’t even hurt anymore.'”

This isn’t the “One Beer” singer’s first time fracturing a part of her body in the last few months — during DWTS last fall, Alaina competed with broken ribs.

“25? Is this the year of breaking things? Hearts, ribs and toes,” she says, also referring to her split from John Crist. “Y’know, what am I going to do?”

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View this post on Instagram This quarantine’s got me feeling extra blue. Probably gonna stay that way teal it’s over. 💙

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As she socially distances at home, Alaina has focused her time on writing, which she does three to four times a week. She also revealed that she “may have all the songs that we need for the album” with the help of musicians and producers who will add their parts to her music from their in-home studios.

“Hopefully, at least there’s a light at the end of the tunnel,” she says. “We’ll get to finish the album.”

As for what to expect on the upcoming project, the “In My Veins” singer says it’ll feature a few genres that have influenced her including some “real country” and R&B.

“I’m not really tying myself to any kind of limit,” she says. “And it will be out sooner than later, I promise.”

Alaina’s EP Getting Good is out now.

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