Everyone starts from somewhere and based on their first outputs, these artists seem to know how to move it forward and make it big:

sepia times pills official ecard

Cebuano band Sepia Times is as modern as they get. The band’s latest song, “Pills,” is a techno-alt pop number that frames the duo’s penchant for melody and trendy dance beats. There’s a cool vibe about the duo that seems to scream “indie” with the capital “I.”

Besides their latest track, the duo of Luigi Balazo and Elisha “Icy” Ang seem like the real deal. Their other tracks include the pulsing “Kofi Shop” from their “1238 2016 EP,” the Bird & The Bee-esque “Breakfast,” synth-heavy “Hello” and the trippy-pop “The Art Of.”

Myko- SpotifyFINAL

Myko MaƱago gets a boost by working with “Akin Ka Na Lang” songwriter Kiko Salazar on the song “Tulad Niya.”

“As a songwriter, I’ve opened myself to accept music as a continuously progressing industry and business. There’s always something to appreciate on both previous and current generation’s sound” Kiko said.

“Although a big part of me owes success to ‘90s music, (my) motivation (is) to continue learning from the younger generation that has produced more singer-songwriters than the previous ones.”

Myko fits the criterion.  The “Tawag Ng Tanghalan” champ has the chops and the tone to lift a song. “Tulad Niya” is heartbreak-themed ballad with a touch of ‘90s sound. Think Richard Marx and Rick Price with a whole lot of Pinoy, love-lorn sentimentalities.

Myko said that he had always wanted to work with Kiko that’s why when the opportunity came, he grabbed it.


Feel Day band is predisposed to releasing sentimental songs.

Singer-songwriter Jek Buenafe (keyboards), bass player Kim Casim, drummer Ram Gloria and guitarist Jin Solomon may not be the flashiest looking band members, butthey are great songwriters. They describe their sound as “chill music na may biglang hugot.” Sure enough, their new single entitled “Pila” fits the description.

Jek’s songs tell stories, situations. “Pila” is about guy sees girl, girl ignores guy, but guy still manages to write a song about it anyway. The group has a knack for catchy and smart lines as heard on the upbeat song. They favor 90’s alt-rock melodies, tight pop rhythms, with the occasional tasty guitar solo thrown in.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://entertainment.mb.com.ph/2020/06/29/latest-local/)