At 17 years old, rap artist Tanikala has people doing a double take when they hear “Kayumanggi.”

Far from the light messages that, say, “Binibining Marikit” and “Chinita Girl” types deliver, his song talks about being proud to be Filipino.

In a conference, Tanikala’s manager, Anna Macquillier, told Bulletin Entertainment the role they hope their talent would play in the contemporary hip hop scene.  

“The plan is for Tanikala to pave the way in his age group (of artists),” she said. “We hope for him to be a symbol for the generation to come, that they can opt to think outside the box by exploring and expressing what lights their fire.”

No less than Jo Koy featured the song on his Netflix special, “In His Elements.” The same track was performed during “The Fliptop Festival” last February.

Tanikala recently dropped his eponymous debut album produced by his discoverer, DJ Medmessiah, who owns indie record label Morobeats.

In this light, we asked Anna if there have been times when they had to hold back Tanikala on the “seriousness” of the subjects he might have chosen to tackle.

“No, I never tell them ‘no.’ Instead, I say, ‘Go for it,’” she said. “He’s going to be the artist he wants to be. His vision, his integrity will always be intact.”

Tanikala is Eufrenzy Jeano Mira Chichioco from Cavite. He discovered his talent for rap at age 14, which eventually turned into a deep-seated passion for the craft. Even at a young age, he can compose full songs and throw fiery rhymes on his own. His inspirations include Gloc-9, Shanti Dope, Ron Henley, and underground artist Isla. 

Tanikala, as well as Dj Medmessiah, is managed by Anna under independent talent representation Blackseed Entertainment. Blackseed

Asked how they feel that many hit OPM rap songs today has had to find success first as viral dance craze on TikTok before they were noticed on mainstream, Tanikala said he has nothing against that.

“It’s okay with me. I, myself, would like to try TikTok.”

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2020/09/15/will-tanikala-lead-pinoy-gen-z-rappers/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=will-tanikala-lead-pinoy-gen-z-rappers)