Eight years ago we interviewed actress Alessandra DeRossi for Audiojunkie. It was right after she released her first album “Adrift.”

Even then, DeRossi was resolute in not releasing them on any of the digital platforms that we know of today. This for a simple reason: She is just not interested.

“I just want it there on rapidshare for people to download it if they want it,” DeRossi said at the time.

Alessandra De Rossi

Fast forward to 2020, changing times calls for a change of heart as DeRossi has finally decided that, yes, maybe her music deserves more attention. Or at least, can be easily accessed through the popular channels as Lilystars Records announced the release of a remastered version of “Make It Better,” one of the key tracks on Derossi’s “Adrift” album.

Before chill and ambient became a local byword DeRossi was already dabbling with it.  Her style is instinctive. She writes songs as a child would paint, mixing colors at random then stopping when something attractive catches the eye. Or in this case the ear.

DeRossi produced the original “Adrift” with the help of co-producer Veronica Deposoy and Wombworks sound engineer Pat Tirano. The resulting songs were more than a dozen tracks of ambient electronica and soundscapes of the hypnotic kind. Underneath those layers, DeRossi still managed to write lyrical discourses or confessionals that simmer with disappointment and heartbreak, which is what “Make It Better” is all about.

The good news is that eventually “Adrift” will find its way on the popular streaming platforms. And with Lilystars Records, perhaps more of Alessandra DeRossi’s work will see the light of day.

Singer Angela Tinimbang is equally emotional with a new single entitled “Black.” The piano-strewn ballad seemed too slow at first, but after a couple of listens, grew on us as we realize this is another ballad about heartbreak, albeit a good one. “Majority of songs I have written are sentimental,” she said. Adding “I’m a reserved kind of person usually, (but) I have thoughts that I couldn’t keep to myself (so) I turn them into a song. They’re really personal. When you listen to it, you’ll know that its from someone who wants to scream out something to the world.” Angela Tinimbang manages to make good on those descriptions with “Black.” Heartbreak stuff without the fluff and surprisingly sounding good while at it.

Young Zack Tabuldo isn’t doing bad either. The former The Voice Kids alumna has a new single in “Nangangamba” — a sweet-sounding mid-tempo ballad that features the singer’s dulcet tones. Here, Zack urges his listeners to own up to their feelings. “Sabihin mo na ang nilalaman ng puso mo at nararamdaman,” Zack sings in that smooth falsetto. Zack also writes his own songs, which is always a good thing. Judging from the way Zack Tabuldo sounds and by his skills. He’s in the right place.

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