Ariana Grande just revealed the trailer of her upcoming concert documentary, “Excuse Me I Love You.”

(Screencap from Netflix)

Set to be released exclusively on Netflix on Dec. 21, “Excuse Me I Love You” follows the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter as she toured the globe from October 2018 to December last year.

It will likewise show exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

“Releasing this as a love letter to [you] all, in celebration of what we’ve shared over the past few years. [I] know the this project only captures some of one tour but [I] just wanted to thank [you] all for showing me more in this lifetime already than [I] ever dreamed of,” Grande wrote on Instagram.

“[M]aking music and doing all of this has been all [I]’ve known of fully given myself to consistently for a very long time now. although my heart is looking forward to a change of pace, [I] wanted to express again just how eternally thankful [I] am,” she added.


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