American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish has recently revealed her new hair color in a social media post.

The said post became the fastest Instagram photo in history to hit million likes. 

Note that in less than six minutes it already received 1 million likes with more than 20 million fans reacting to her photo showing a new platinum blond shag hairstyle.

Recall that since July of 2019, Billie had neon green roots which became her signature look for the past years following her donning lavender, silver/white, baby blue/gray-blue, blue teal, black, blue, and brown hair.

On the other hand, late last year, she already informed her fans about this “new era.”

“Stop making fun of me! Oh my God! I’m f*cking making you an album! I will not put it out if you keep making fun of my hair. Shut up,” she said on her Instagram story before.

“It’ll be the end of the era! I’m gonna give you a new era. I have announcements to make. I got some sh*t to put out. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Leave me alone and let me live with my f*cking hair that I’ve had for way too long.”

Meanwhile, Billie also teased her fans that she has been wearing a wig for some time now. 

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