Ace Banzuelo

Manila-based singer-songwriter/producer Ace Banzuelo has captivated music listeners from all over the world with his introspective fusion of electronic, hip-hop, indie, and pop music. His earlier singles “Himala” and “Malayo,” both released in 2020, have amassed a combined 4 million streams on Spotify alone, making him one of the most exciting new solo acts in recent memory.

Now heading toward brighter horizons, Ace Banzuelo is ready to conquer the insurmountable with the release of his new single “Mayari” under Sony Music Philippines. According to Banzuelo, the trap-infused synth pop tune was inspired by the goddesses and characters from the Filipino mythology, using it as a metaphorical springboard to essay his personal take on romance, toxic masculinity, and privilege.

“The song’s approach to the myth discusses how wrong arrogance and privilege is when used as a leverage to attracting someone,” the young hyphenate shares in a statement. “The song questions toxic masculinity in a relationship as it is inspired from the war between the God of the sun, and the Goddess of the moon. In the song, the girl finds interest in one guy, and comfort to another. The main reason for their conflict is miscommunication.”

‘Mayari’ album artwork

Written and produced by the artist himself, the song attests to the artist’s openness to discuss personal issues from a socially aware lens, cutting out the posturing for a message that is universally relatable and morally responsible.

Banzuelo points out, “I’m proud that the combination of my way of storytelling and deep involvement with my art gives my audience a full different experience. I’m continuously growing as an artist, and I’m very, very specific with what I want to create and how it should be presented.”

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