New and upcoming releases from modern day pop stars,  divas, to 90’s classic alt-rockers.

Billie Eilish has just announced that a new album is forthcoming.

The new record titled “Happier Than Ever” is set for release on July 30.

The Grammy-winning artist also announced that a new single is set to drop this week, specifically on April 29th.

Eilish said “This is my favorite thing I’ve ever created and I am so excited and nervous and EAGER for you to hear it,” adding “I can’t even tell you. I’ve never felt so much love for a project than I do for this one. Hope you feel what I feel.”

On her official Instagram, Eilish posted a snippet of what could be the music video for the first single.

The hit artist ditched her usual vivid colored hair for blonde locks to commemorate the impending arrival of the new single and album.

The album is said to include sixteen new songs.

Eilish’s brother Finneas is back on board as producer.

Billie Eilish won Record Of The Year for the song “Everything I Wanted” at the recent Grammys. This is her second time to win in the same category after the 2020 nod for her hit song “Bad Guy.”

Lana Del Rey is set to release a new album on July 4th.

Lana Del Rey only recently released her seventh album “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” last March of this year.

The new full album will be called “Blue Banisters.”

Lana Del Rey has been prolific that past year, releasing two albums previous including the aforementioned “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” and the spoken word record titled “Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass” back in July 2020.

90’s alt-rock band The Counting Crows will release a four-song EP titled “Butter Miracle, Suite One.”

The band’s lead singer and songwriter Adam Duritz announced that the new batch of songs will be the first from the band after 2014’s “Somewhere Under Wonderland.”  

The new release is set for May 21st.

A new single titled “Elevator Boots” is already available for streaming.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the band’s breakout hit album “Recovering The Satellites.”

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