Boys World

About time a new girl group gets thrust into the world stage again.

And rising power pop group Boys World is ready to take the spotlight.

Oh yeah, don’t let the name fool you because Boys World is all about girl power. This much is apparent when Bulletin Entertainment interviewed members Elana Caceres, Olivia Ruby, Queenie Villaluz, Lilian Kay and Makhyli Simpson during the band’s Zoom meet with the Philippine entertainment press Friday, April 23.

On the surface, Boys World looks diverse. White, brown and black. Asian, American, (perhaps) Latin-American. A veritable united colors embodied by young effervescent, pop-loving girls in their late teens.

They don’t even have to say it, but the girls are sending a message.

Filipino-born and Bay Area raised Queenie Mae said that  “different people can get along,” adding “Just because you’re from different places, or from different backgrounds, doesn’t mean you can’t be one or can’t be friends. And I think we’re proving that every day. We have so many differences, hello?! We’re doing it.”

New Yorker Elana Caceres chimed in about diversity, “And you know people look up to us, whether they look like Queenie, Olivia, Makhayli and Lilian, you know, and they go like ‘wow, that’s cool. I’m excited about that.”

The group shared that Boys World did not set out to be so and that it happened naturally.

Idaho native and rock-chic Lilian Kaye shared that when KYN entertainment were looking for girls to be in the band they sought out girls “who are authentic and just themselves and genuine people.”

Pink-haired eccentric and Ohio-born Olivia Ruby commented: “That was what’s important. It’s not even so much as ‘the most talented girl, it was just they were after the most genuine girls. And passionate!”

Sassy-looking Makhayli of Michigan professed, “And so it just came together naturally.” It worked out so well because we had the same vision for this group.”

Boys World is busy building their name in the world of pop. Early this April, the group released their 5-song EP titled “While You Were Out.” The band’s press describes the set as “the musical embodiment of the band’s overall spirit – a mix of sounds and personalities for everyone.” It goes on to say that that “fans can expect Boys World’s distinct R&B and Y2K-inspired pop sound.”

But the girls of Boys World aptly describe the songs on the EP as “a cycle.” With “Girlfriend” coming in first, almost descriptive of the girls themselves. The love-who-you-are anthem “Wingman,” and “Tiptoe” coming in as the middle of their proverbial narrative. Queenie then described “Relapse” as a song about “a toxic relationship” and that after going thru that “you come out ‘Touched By An Angel.’”    

Boys World is not letting the pandemic get in the way of them getting out there to share their music and putting on a show. The group and KYN Entertainment are set for the “While You Were Out Tour” livestream concert on April 24 to showcase the first-ever performance of their 5-song EP. The streamed concert was filmed live in Venice Beach, California and features a lifestyle segment, interviews, games and a preview of their upcoming music video.

Boys World is managed by Sonny Takhar’s KYN Entertainment, the same pop guru behind artists such as Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Il Divo and One Direction.

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