An American flight nurse was shocked to receive a surprise gift from one of the world’s biggest music stars.

Britta Thomason, who heads the Air Evac Lifeteam base in Dublin, Georgia, couldn’t believe Taylor would actually reach out to her.

“When I opened it, I was so nervous. I was shaking just because it was so surreal,” Thomason told Reuters.

“I thought…there’s no way that this is what it is. When I opened it, the letter was actually sitting on top…I opened it up and I didn’t actually read the whole thing immediately. I just looked down…and saw her signature and I was in just complete shock.”

Last month, Britta gave an interview to a local newspaper about her job.

She mentioned in passing that she liked to listen to Swift’s music when relaxing.

A few weeks later, Thomason, a member of the Nurse Navigation Line for Global Medical Response crews sent to New York and New Jersey last year, received an answerphone message from the singer’s representatives about a package being delivered to her.

Inside was merchandise including T-shirts, candles, a blanket, notebook and champagne glass.

Britta was particularly moved by a handwritten note in which Taylor thanked her “for serving on the frontlines of this pandemic and for being brave enough to put yourself in danger to help others.”

“My favorite part about the letter is at the very end she said, ‘I’ll be thinking about you and forever grateful, love Taylor’,” said Britta.

“Just that she would say something like that, that she’ll be thinking about me and that she’s grateful for something that I do. It’s really touching.”

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