Kim Dong-jun (Instagram) 

Korean actor Kim Dong-jun, 29, who debuted in K-pop boy band ZE:A in 2010, has revealed that he will be enlisting in the military next month. 

On June 23, his agency Major9 told Korean media, “Kim Dong-jun will enlist as an active duty soldier on July 12.”

Dong-jun personally confirmed this during his Naver V Live broadcast held on the same day. 

“I feel great about it. I ate well so I have put on weight. I am ready to serve the country in the army,” he told fans. 

He added, “I wanted to share the news with you today. As I answered earlier, I’m going to enlist soon. I wanted to properly say goodbye. I’m going to enlist next month.” 

“I am happy to serve the country though it’s a little late, but I will do my best, learn and train hard so that I become a better man or person. You don’t have  to be sad or worry about me. Please keep supporting me. I actually want to enlist quietly but the word got out so here I am. I will go learn in the army. Don’t be sad. It’s okay,” said Dong-jun. 

Dong-jun said he has prepared various content for fans to enjoy while he is fulfilling his military service.   

“While I am away, I prepared various content for you. It might not be a lot but you can check those out when you miss me. I will prepare something that you can enjoy watching so please look forward to it,” he said.

Dong-jun served as a regular cast member of the Korean TV show “Delicious Rendezvous.”

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