BLACKPINK members with the ‘banig’ (Screenshot from Globe video) 

K-pop girl group BLACKPINK met Filipino fans online through the “Globe X BLACKPINK: Show You Like That” held on June 18 and streamed on the Kmmunity PH Facebook page.

“One thing you should know about the Philippines and your Filipino fans is that as much as they are proud of their culture, they are also very, very hospitable,” said emcee and Korean comedian Kim Ji-min.

One of the highlights of the online show was BLACKPINK opening a “balikbayan box” containing Filipino items that were suggested by fans in a poll.

“A balikbayan box is usually a box full of gifts Filipinos send to their loved ones back in the country as a way of sending their love,” explained the emcee.

Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé opened the box and became fascinated with the different Filipino items inside. The box contained a ukulele, jackstone, “abaniko” or “pamaypay” (fan), miniature jeepney, “sungka” and “banig” (mat).

“Oh I love this! I really want it. Can I please have it? Can I actually? I want to go to Han river and sit on it with Hank,” said Rosé about the banig.

Jisoo commented, “Let’s all go together. This is like a travel package. You put this on the floor, you fan with that and you play the ukulele.”

Lisa played the ukulele and Jisoo said, “She would not even go out and play this at home” with Rosé adding, “I remember as well.”

“I’m sorry I forgot everything,” said Lisa.

They also tried the abaniko and Jennie said, “No kidding but it’s very cooling” with Lisa and Jisoo both commenting, “It’s cold. It’s cold.”

“It’s basically an air conditioner,” said Jisoo while Rosé said, “It’s nice that it’s light and it looks really pretty too.”

Jennie became curious about sungka, describing it as “macadamia’ to which Jisoo replied, “No no don’t eat it.”

“Seeing all of this makes me want to visit again (the Philippines),” said Jisoo.

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