Steady on their ongoing quest to garner an even bigger worldwide fanbase with their trademark knack of fusing the best elements of modern alt-rock, DENOVA – hailing all the way from Manchester, United Kingdom – is releasing yet another explosive track “Heaven,” a sure-fire anthem that is simply hard-to-resist for fans of all ages and backgrounds.

Released under the band’s own label, Love Noise Records, and featuring a characteristic melding of musical styles (modern alternative rock spiced-up with synth textures, pulsating electronic beats and infectious pop hooks and a larger-than-life chorus…) that only the band can pull-off, the track is a fine, well-produced ditty that guarantees to get the party started and trigger stadium-sized sing-alongs from start-to-finish; in short, it captures the feel and vibe of an all-night rage in less than four minutes.

Lyrically, the single talks about the loss of faith in love; and finding that same faith once again; as de facto band leader/singer Kevin Daos describes: “it’s like how past relationships make you no longer believe in love, and just as you’re about to come to terms with it, a new romance comes along and makes you believe in it all over again,” and adds: “unlike our previous songs, this wasn’t necessarily personal or about me – but the idea for it came to me naturally, both the melody and the lyrics, and I felt a lot of people could connect to it.”

Comprised of bassist Sam Hardman, drummer Alix Foden, guitarist Luca Nardella and singer/songwriter Kevin Daos, DENOVA was formed a little over a decade ago under seemingly ordinary circumstances: Daos – being half-Filipino – pretty much grew up being surrounded by music, as impromptu karaoke jams and singing were always part of the cultural background while he was growing up. Daos met Luca in high school, shared an ear for all things pop-punk and soon after, participated in the requisite school performances. It would be the eye-opening experience wherein they realized that they were passionate about performing music in front of bigger audiences, and ultimately write their own songs.

“We always knew we wanted to be a ‘proper band,’” shares Luca. “Even from the early days performing in front of friends and family, there was a standard we imposed on ourselves: we didn’t just dream of getting our song heard, but we were already envisioning how the live shows would translate and connect with people, and writing-wise, we always had the standard of topping our previous releases with each new song.”

And since then, the band has been steadily growing and establishing their roster of original songs. “I think it was in 2018 when we finally realized and said to ourselves ‘ok this is the sound we’re looking for, this is what we need to create and build-with,’” shares Daos, who in turn, also plays guitar and has experimented with musical styles from all sides of the spectrum, from indie rock to heavy metal. The band had started releasing original songs in 2018 (their debut being the pensively jangly debut “You’re Not Alone…”) and have since travelled around the world via their music, playing festivals in Canada and clubs on the other side of the world in Daos’ native Manila, Philippines. DENOVA also enjoyed support from international pundits and musical institutions like BBC Radio 1, Clash Magazine, and MTV.

The new single “Heaven” also signals the band’s continuing goal to beef up their worldwide fanbase in the meantime, while the pandemic blows over. Admittedly hungrier than ever to start touring and playing shows again, both Kevin and Luca confirm that the setback – though pretty major – hasn’t taken away any of the focus of the band.

“Obviously, we do want to finally make it to Manila – it would be awesome to go back,” says Daos, as Luca adds, “we’d also love to head-over to places like Japan and Europe even – we’ve always seen Denova as a universal kind of band, so we can’t wait to see everybody. But in the meantime, we just want to keep releasing songs and give people a reason to enjoy.” FIN

Denova’s latest track “Heaven” is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music and all digital streaming platforms. Follow DENOVA on all their social media accounts at @denovaband

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