Kiana Valenciano (2nd, left) and her family at the airport

Kiana, the 28-year-old daughter of Gary and Angeli Valenciano, has temporarily bid her family goodbye as she flew to the US alone.

Mr. Pure Energy even shared some behind-the-scenes photos when they sent off their unica hija at the airport.

“I’ll see you again for sure Kiana. But it doesn’t erase the fact that it’s never easy saying goodbye to you. Or to any of your brothers. I love you so much, Kiana. And I’m more than proud of the young woman you’ve become,” Gary V wrote.

Meanwhile, Kiana’s brothers Gab and Paolo, also expressed their two cents about their sister’s departure.

“Dearest baby sister, may all your wildest dreams come true. No matter what happens, always remember your ‘why’ and you will achieve wonders. I am already so proud of you. Love and miss you already,” Gab wrote, along with the photo of him, his parents, and his sister at the airport.

Kiana didn’t share the reason why she’s going to the US.

But prior, she wrote something about going back to work.

“Leading up to today, I was a bit anxious about traveling. I’m so excited to get back to work, but I was nervous about how things have changed throughout this pandemic,” she said. “I can’t believe I’m actually boarding a plane tonight.”

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