Nadine Lustre

Actress Nadine Lustre has shared her two cents on the relationship of the artists and the public.

In an interview with Edward Barber via MYX Philippines’ “Kwentong Barber” on Kumu, the host asked the young actress about her journey as “the artist who broke the social norm.”

Nadine said that it was difficult finding her identity as she experienced trials and errors to discover herself and learn more.

“Like everything got blurry. I got really depressed because I couldn’t really express myself.

“Like when people see me, I was a different person. I wasn’t Nadine, like, the real Nadine. I was someone else,” she said.

Edward attested to Nadine’s sentiments, relating one serious face could be interpreted by others as an actor who has an attitude problem.

And Nadine agreed with it, noting how people would often dub her “snobbish.”

“That’s not just for, you know, the people that you work with. It’s also for people outside … Because I was never the type to say hi to everyone or smile. Because I don’t know, I mean, I never had that feeling of responsibility when it comes to saying hi to everyone,” she said.

“I do know that there are people who are like that, but it was never my thing because it’s just – to me, it was weird.”

She recalled that one time she passed around a shop and a certain lady said she’s “suplada.”

“I looked at her and I’m like, am I supposed to say hi to you? Like, I don’t know you,” Nadine pointed out.

According to her, the latter even didn’t say hello to her, to begin with.

“She was expecting me to say hi to her and I’m like, if you want me to say hi to you, say hi to me or acknowledge me or greet me. I’m not gonna go out of my way to say hi to you.”

Nadine said that people forget that celebrities are humans, too.

“It’s not our responsibility to acknowledge everyone and to please everyone. Our responsibility is to give entertainment, and that (greeting them) is not part of it,” she said.

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