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SM Entertainment confirmed that Red Velvet is currently preparing for their first full group comeback since 2019. However, instead of being met with excitement, the news drew mixed reactions from fans.

It can be recalled that the last time that all five members of Red Velvet  — Irene, Seulgi, Joy, Yeri and Wendy performed together was in December 2019 when they released “The ReVe Finale” featuring the title track “Psycho.”

Unfortunately, in the midst of group promotions, Wendy fell off the stage during the rehearsals of SBS’ Gayo Daejeon where she sustained severe injuries which rendered her hospitalized for months. She also had to undergo rehabilitation for a huge part of the year, preventing her from joining Red Velvet promotion activities.

Last year, Irene and Seulgi launched the first Red Velvet sub-unit but several months later, Irene was involved in an attitude scandal after a photo shoot editor accused her of rude behavior. Several other staff members also came out with their unfortunate experiences with the Red Velvet leader, causing her to lay low since October 2020.

Although Irene has apologized twice for causing the scandal and vowed to reflect on her behavior, netizens still called for her ouster from the group, delaying the possibility of a group comeback.

As SM explored other options for Red Velvet members, Joy came out with her solo debut. The project was met with good feedback from fans. However, this was not a guarantee about Reveluvsreception of a five-member comeback.

In social media, international fans have expressed excitement over Wendy’s return to group activities but Korean fans are still opposed to Irene joining group activities.

Final plans about the new album’s release has still not been announced by SM Entertainment.

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