Vice Ganda

Ace comedian Vice Ganda took to social media to greet all dads on Father’s Day on June 20.

But Vice Ganda’s greeting did not only include the straight fathers.

Aside from real men, Vice did not forget to greet fathers who have secret gay benefactors.

On Instagram, Vice Ganda wrote: “Happy Father’s Day sa mga Fadir na Vakler at sa mga Fadir na mahal na mahal ang kanilang mga anak na Vakler!!!!! (Pati na rin sa mga Fadir na humingi ng pambinyag sa mga jowa nilang Vakler!)

“Happy Father’s to all gay fathers and to all fathers who love their gay children. This includes fathers who ask financial assistance from their gay lovers for the baptism of their children).

Broadcaster Korina Sanchez-Roxas laughed and liked Vice Ganda’s funny post.

Korina said she knows many people who are in a similar situation.

“Hahahahah so trueeee dami ko kilala,” wrote Korina. (It’s true. I know a lot of people who are like that)

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