Disparate acts Barbie Almalbis and Pinoy pop group ALAMAT are to release new songs.

Former Barbie’s Cradle leader Barbie Almalbis ends her long album drought with the release of a new album titled “Scenes From Inside.” Set for a Friday release (July 16), the new nine-track album is produced by 12 Stone Records and is distributed by Sony Music Philippines.

Described as a collection of “intricately produced pop-rock gems (of) melodic sweetness” the new album finds Almalbis “levelling up her craft and expanding her vision with newfound inspiration.”

Almalbis said that, “Recording is truly one of my favorite parts about being a musician, but working on everything in one go also often made me feel burned out, and it would take some time to get recharged.”

This is in reference to why it took Almalbis several years to do a whole album after 2007’s “Parade.”

Instead of thinking in album terms, Barbie instead focused on releasing singles. Hence the recent glut of songs that she’s released since 2020 that include “Umagang Kay Ganda,” “Ang Kutis” – a collaboration with Mayonnaise’s Monti Macalino, and the more recent single “Ang Silaw.”

“We got to focus on just a couple of songs at a time. Releasing singles instead of an album, allowing us to work at a relaxed pace, and before we knew it, “Scene From Inside” was done.”

Barbie Almalbis’ new album will be virtually launched via her official facebook page on July 16, at 7pm.

Meanwhile, Pinoy pop group ALAMAT is counting down the days to their new single release for “Kasmala.” The sing and dance group recently released a string of teasers on their social media accounts to highlight the forthcoming track.

ALAMAT made considerable attention for highlighting a distinctly rootsy Pinoy feel to their aesthetic when they made their debut early this year with “Kbye.” The 8-member group made it a point to run parallel with the tendency of Pinoy girl-boy-groups to emulate K-pop and instead run with a modern, all-Pinoy theme that not only highlights several Philippine languages (Tagalog, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Bicolano, Waray-Waray, Hiligaynon, and Bisaya) on their songs, but modern (and updated) fashion and style aesthetics that is distinctly Pinoy.

According to Ninuno Media, ALAMAT’s new single “Kasmala” is produced by a Swiss music production team. But in typical ALAMAT fashion, Pinoy elements such as gongs and Hegalongs found its way into the finished track. 

“Kasmala” is a disjointed word play on the Tagalog word ‘malakas’ which means strong.

ALAMAT members are Taneo, Mo, Jao, Tomas, R-Ji, Valfer, Gami, and Alas.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/07/12/barbie-almalbis-scenes-from-inside-alamats-kasmala-set-to-drop-friday/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=barbie-almalbis-scenes-from-inside-alamats-kasmala-set-to-drop-friday)