If you’re a fan of The Beatles then you will love this.

There’s a glut of new Beatles material out there now and fans are loving it.

Just in case you managed to snag a subscription on Hulu (via VPN – long story, ask your techy friend) then no doubt you are set to check out “McCartney 3,2,1” the documentary that features ex-Beatle Paul McCartney dissecting the Fab Four’s music with rock and Hiphop music producer Rick Rubin. This special sees Sir Paul delving deep like never before on the music he made with the rest of The Beatles in their heydays.  The 3-part series premieres on Hulu starting July 16.

Meanwhile, George Harrison can be found gracing the cover of the September 2021 issue of Guitar World on the occasion of the late guitarist-songwriter’s 20th year death anniversary. On the feature, Guitar World focuses on Harrison’s “Greatest Beatles guitar moments” as commented on by guitar heroes such as Joe Satriani, Yngvie Malmsteen and Zakk Wylde among other music stars.   

On Ringo’s side, the drummer recently celebrated his 81st birthday last July 7 with friends and unveiled his Peace sign sculpture in Beverly Gardens in Beverly Hills. Fans from far away Russia to Japan to the U.S. and South and Central America joined the celebrations via Zoom. This is the 14th year since Ringo Starr started celebrating “a wave of Peace and Love encircling the planet” on the occasion of his birthday.

And perhaps the biggest Beatle event this year would be the upcoming Disney+ documentary series “The Beatles: Get Back.” The series, which arrives in November 2021, will be directed by Lord Of The Rings’ Peter Jackson. And yes, the documentary, based on the 1970 film “Get Back” will get the trilogy treatment from Jackson. The series will premiere on November 25, then the following parts will air on November 26 and 27.   

So, we know you want to ask, what about John Lennon?

Well, you know you can always “Imagine.”

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/07/15/beatles-bonanza-paul-mccartney-beatle-docu-george-harrisons-new-guitar-mag-cover-feature-ringos-birthday-bash-and-peter-jacksons-beatle-trilogy/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=beatles-bonanza-paul-mccartney-beatle-docu-george-harrisons-new-guitar-mag-cover-feature-ringos-birthday-bash-and-peter-jacksons-beatle-trilogy)