Janine Tenoso

The hit-singer of “Di Na Muli” now has a whole EP of songs that she can call her own.

Janine Teñoso recently released her first ever EP titled “Kwento Sa Silid.” Released under Viva Records, the set includes 5 originals (and a bonus track) that Janine wrote and co-wrote with fellow creatives that includes Euwie Von Loria of This Band and Arthur Nery to name some.

The first single from the “Kwento Sa Silid” EP is the excellent and vibe-filled new song “Pelikula” featuring Arthur Nery. A collaboration written by the two singer-songwriters, this catchy, mid-tempo pop ballad sees both Nery and Teñoso hitting on good chemistry musically and personally. Music fans have latched onto the song too. Not a week has passed since the single, the carrier track from the upcoming EP, was released and the song has easily surpassed more than a hundred thousand listens on Spotify alone. As for the “kilig” angle between the two, Teñoso was quick to dismiss that they “only admire each other’s music” and found that “working together was quite easy and natural.”

‘Kwento Sa Silid” is scheduled to be released Thursday, July 8. The EP will also include unreleased tracks “Ghosts In The Room.”  The first English song Janine has written since her debut “Fall” was released in 2017. Previously released “The Art Of Letting Go” and “Paano” –a song she wrote with This Band’s Euwie Von Loria–also comprise the set as well as a recut version of “Umibig Muli” – a 2020 song that now features Sam Concepcion.

A noticeable feature of Janine’s new efforts is how the singer has been leaning on acoustic flavored songs of late. Since last year, Janine’s songs have taken on that modern pop ballad flavor that “Paano,” “Umiibig Muli” and “The Art Of Letting Go” inherently has. The same can be said of her songs with Arthur Nery and “Ghosts In The Room.”

But more than guitars and vibe, Janine Teñoso is all about the voice. Her listeners have always gravitated toward her music mainly because of Janine’s dulcet tones. Regarding her vocals, Janine has since learnt control. She can be powerful like a biritera if she wants to be, but instead she chooses to pick her moments on the tunes that she sings. And that makes all the difference, and what her listeners look out for in her songs.

As for the album title, “Kwento Sa Silid” are basically songs that Janine, with acoustic guitar in hand, wrote and have been singing by herself in her room.

Which, based on how these songs sound and feel, is probably the best place to listen to and immerse oneself in its lovely simplicity.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/07/08/janine-tenoso-blooms-as-music-artist-on-first-solo-ep-kwento-sa-silid/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=janine-tenoso-blooms-as-music-artist-on-first-solo-ep-kwento-sa-silid)