Seventeen’s S.Coups (Twitter) 

K-pop boy band Seventeen’s leader S.Coups has suffered injuries in a fall during an official event and has temporarily stopped his activities.

Pledis Entertainment, Seventeen’s agency, made the announcement on July 1 about the accident.

“On Wednesday, June 30, while engaging in a scheduled event S.Coups suffered a fall and hit his right shoulder on the ground, and received medical treatment. He sustained additional abrasions and cuts on his right forehead, ear and chin, and was treated for those injuries,” the agency said.

It added, “After a medical examination, physicians advised that while his daily activities will fortunately be unaffected, he should minimize moving his shoulder for a period of time. S.Coups is currently resting and recovering to make sure that an inflammation doesn’t develop in the site of his injury.”

Because of this, Pledis said, “S.Coups will unfortunately be unable to take part in the 8th mini-album activities scheduled for this week, including Seventeen’s appearances on Mnet, KBS and SBS music shows as well as the Seventeen 8th Mini Album ‘Your Choice’ fan sign event.”

“We will closely monitor S.Coups’ recovery and determine whether he will be able to take part in other activities without putting undue strain on himself. We would like to apologize to all fans who have eagerly waited for Seventeen and we ask for your generous understanding. We will place our highest priority on treatment and recovery so that S.Coups can return to you in full health,” Pledis said.

S.Coups’ accident happened one day after Seventeen members resumed their activities following their self-quarantine from June 19 to 29 after two staff members tested positive for coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

“All the artists received negative results on their initial COVID-19 tests and exhibited no symptoms as they dutifully carried out their self-quarantine; the results of the PCR tests that were conducted before the end of quarantine at 10 AM on Tuesday, June 29 also indicated that all the members were negative for COVID-19,” the agency said on June 29.

It added, “With the mandatory quarantine concluded, Seventeen will resume their activities for their 8th mini-album beginning today [June 29].”

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