It’s the first time for these modern-day hitmakers to collaborate.

Pop singer-songwriters and modern day OPM biggies The Juans and Moira Dela Torre have collaborated on a pair of projects. The first one debuts today on the Coke Studio YouTube channel.

Coke Studio is a platform that usually pairs up a collaboration between two distinct artists. In this case, a full-on original pop band such as The Juans and a solo singer-songwriter like Moira.

Their collaboration on the Coke Studio sees the two acts mashing up Dela Torre’s “Paubaya” and The Juans hit “Hindi Tayo Pwede.”

The Juans’ Carl Guevarra said that working with Moira was “nakakakilig.”

“Having the opportunity to work with Moira is definitely one of the things we prayed and hoped for ever since we started as a group.”

Carl added that it was a real collaboration saying that “it was Moira who suggested the tweaks and even insisted on adding the bridge of (The Juans’) “Hatid” which made us feel that she knows and listens to our music.”  The Coke Studio team-up between the two music artists premiered today on the Coke Studio.

Carl also mentioned that The Juans wrote a new, original song with Moira.

Said song, titled “’Di Panghabang Buhay” was borne out of the same Coke Studio meetings between the two acts.

“From the very start it just felt like everything was divinely-orchestrated. I remember texting Moira about my thoughts about the song (before we started writing) and she told me she was also thinking of exactly the same thing.”

Moira Dela Torre and The Juans have known each other for a “super long time” even before the two made their individual mark on the  Pinoy pop scene. “We’re good friends,” said Guevarra, that probably made work “flow naturally and we’re able to finish the whole song in less than two hours” over the meeting app, Zoom.

Finally, The Juans keyboardist and songwriter shared that “’Di Panghabang Buhay” is mainly about hope. “It’s for those who lost a loved one during the pandemic and had no chance to grieve properly.”

“From the title, listeners might think it’s a ‘hugot’ song, but actually “’Di Panghabang Buhay” means darkness is temporary and light is on it’s way.”

Source: Manila Bulletin (