Vice Ganda

Ace comedian Vice Ganda slammed a basher who committed mistakes in grammar.

It started when a netizen made a comment about Vice Ganda which read: “Vice ganda and Bhong Navarro were not careful and were bad examples to this Christian nation. This is my censure for them.”

Apparently irked, Vice Ganda corrected the grammar of his basher.

The comedian wrote: “And you were not careful with your spelling! It’s Vhong not Bhong! And people’s names are proper nouns therefore should be capitalized. It should be Vice Ganda not Vice ganda. You’re a bad example to the Christian nation!”


Just recently, Kris Aquino hit out at a basher, saying she couldn’t stand being attacked by someone with grammatical errors. So Kris gave her critic some English grammar lessons.

Source: Manila Bulletin (