BGYO’s music video for its second single “The Baddest,” which dropped last August 16, took social media by storm the whole weekend, earning countless approval from netizens for paying tribute to the country’s national heroes.  

Aside from the tribute to the national heroes, the appearance of Liza Soberano, who was described as the ideal girl of the group in the music video, caught the netizens’ attention. Liza was characterized as someone who is smart and empowered that made her the ideal girl of the P-Pop group. Her name also trended last week alongside the music video.   

Fans found inspiring the similarities of the P-Pop group to some of the country’s national heroes. More than their postures, the group member’s values and principles that the heroes stood for were also found moving by fans. Their guesses were confirmed when BGYO’s members posted the pictures of the members alongside their portrayed national hero – Gelo as Jose Rizal, Mikki as Andres Bonifacio, Nate as Gregorio del Pilar, Akira as Juan Luna, and JL as Marcelo H. del Pilar.  

“Tamang tama po Buwan Ng Wika ang August at National Heroes Day sa 30,” @ayrajoooy commented. @vicentehason tweeted, “I really appreciate the creative director and the team for the MV. Imagine, they showed us the portrayal of historic events of the Filipino Heroes and myth in a present setting.”  

“Our boys paying respect to the heroes who paved the way for our independence,” @hiiragi_173 said. For @m4knate, ” I think that ‘The Baddest MV is a culmination of the “agents trying to save the humanity.” Ideas put together through portrayal of our national heroes to showcase its celebration on this month and to represent a modern-day revolution in the P-Pop scene.” 

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