Solia (Instagram) 

A K-pop group suddenly disbanded just five days after they were launched.

Girl group Solia, composed of Soree, Seona, Soyeon, Hayeon and Eunbi, debuted last Aug. 17 with the song “Dream.” The music video for the track has garnered 516,000 views on YouTube as of writing.

However, on Aug. 22, Solia announced on their social media accounts that they were disbanding due to “circumstances” of their company, Space Music Entertainment.

“I’m sorry to surprise you with a bad story all of a sudden. Now that the company can no longer lead our team Solia due to its circumstances, we have a long conversation with the company,” the group posted on Instagram.

Solia added, “It was such a short time, but I want to say thank you and sorry to the fans who supported us and loved us. If you’re curious about the members’ personal activities or their daily lives, I’d appreciate it if you follow them on their Instagram. Once again, I’m sorry to the fans.”

Member Soree wrote on Instagram to say, “I’m sorry for the short promotion, but thanks to the members and the fans who supported us, we had a great time.”

She added, “Thank you so much for always supporting and showing interest in me, who was lacking a lot! It’s over with Solia’s voice, but we ask for your continued support in the future!”

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