Fast rising electropop artist and music producer, Lesha is making a full-fledged realization of her musical artistry. From gaining popularity on Youtube to winning international and local musical competitions over the years and independently releasing her own beats, this millennial Filipina musician with a global sound is set to conquer the spotlight once again through her very first album dropping online very soon, aptly entitled Sun Moon Rising.  

The debut album is a collection of Lesha’s writings that represent the distinctive sides of herself. Call it an artistic manifestation of her different walks in life and how she views the world from her own point of view, this album enables Lesha to capture her innermost feelings, put it into enthralling lyrics and integrating the mix of musical genres (from electronic pop, hip-hop, alternative, jazz, trap, and EDM) that she got gravitated to over the years.

Lesha excitedly shares, “It honestly feels super surreal that I’m finally gonna be introducing my debut album soon. These past months have been filled with challenges and learnings but I’m very excited for people to finally hear this body of work that I’ve been working so long and hard!”

Each track has its own strength on a specific emotion, from reminiscing good times, feeling empowered, letting go of inhibitions to seeking love amid chaos; all those diverse emotions that can surely be relatable to the listeners. Lesha made sure that every song can stand alone as a powerful track and even stronger as an impactful part of Sun Moon Rising album.

The musical landscape suddenly took a remarkable change recently, but this didn’t halt Lesha’s passion to create unique original sound on her own. As of matter of fact, the lockdown situation also paved the way for Lesha to take advantage of working solo in the confines of her bedroom where her studio is also set up and filming her music videos in their own home. All the songs in the Sun Moon Rising album were written and produced earlier this year. She also got to write songs that reflected her as a person and her journey as an artist.

“The way the universe communicates with me is through my songs and that’s basically why I chose to name this album Sun Moon Rising because it is in relation to the entire concept of astrology and how the universe works to communicate with us human beings,” Lesha further explains.

Another piece of exciting news in store for everyone on this album is that she was also able to bring in collaborators from all around the world (producers & artists from the UK, USA, Seoul, Barcelona, Bahrain, and Italy) to work with her on this very special project and taking it to a global scale.

“It was a very collaborative process and it was a breath of fresh air working with these insanely creative minds. Through this record, I was able to mold my sound and really showcase my capabilities as a music producer and songwriter. I worked on this record from the backend to the front and I’m really proud of myself for that,” Lesha enthuses. 

With the title track Sun Moon Rising dropping this August 6, the song speaks about the strengths and weaknesses of a person’s sun, moon, and rising sign that gives fuel to a specific alter ego and how this affects the different ways they express themselves. The song revolves around Lesha’s curiosity and desire to understand all aspects of a person and why they are who they are.

The other album tracks with different global collaborators are set to drop in the next coming months. For sure, it’ll be an awesome musical treat that music streamers can excitedly look forward to.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/08/02/lesha-the-rise-of-a-filipina-with-a-global-sound/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=lesha-the-rise-of-a-filipina-with-a-global-sound)