Seventeen at their online fan meeting (Pledis Entertainment) 

K-pop boy band Seventeen held their fifth online fan meeting “Seventeen in CARAT Land” on Aug. 8 that attracted 98,000 viewers worldwide (including duplicate access). 

Billed as a celebration with fans, the four-hour long event was filled with amazing performances and fun talk segments, delivering an immersive and interactive experience to the audience.

Seventeen opened the fan meeting with “Ready to Love,” the carrier single of their most recent mini-album “Your Choice,” and captivated fans by revealing the live stage performance of side track “Heaven’s Cloud” for the first time. 

They then officially welcomed fans to CARAT Land by sitting down to chat and interact with each other in the “Bittersweet TALK” portion of the meet.

Transitioning into a medley of some of their fan-favorites and classics, Seventeen performed a slowed version of “Oh My” featuring camera work and angles reminiscent of a video call, followed by an energetic rendition of “Pretty U,” delighting Carats all around the world with these long-awaited 2021 versions of their hit songs.

Along with the 14 multi-view system that enabled viewers to watch 14 different screens, the event was added with unit reverse stages: performance team’s “Chocolate,” hip-hop team’s “Lilili Yabbay” and vocal team’s “Check-In” were reborn as different performances from the original song, proving their wide musical spectrum as “Musical All-Stars.” 

The idol group delivered a finale with “Anyone” from their latest album with powerful performance and explosive energy, and “Love Letter” with a heartwarming melody.

Seventeen wrapped up the event with “Our dawn is hotter than day” and “Holiday.”  They also took time to say a few words to CARATs. 

“Thank you so much for joining today. I hope everyone had a great time during the show in the middle of difficult times. We are looking forward to making more good memories in the future. I hope everyone can always stay healthy and be happy until we meet again,” said Seventeen.

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