Some things are just so good that you need to take second servings.

The original line-up of Side A circa their self-titled album back in 1989 and the Calesa Bar days returns for a second online concert this year on September 11, 2021 in a show titled Side A Redux Calesa 2nd Set.

The original line-up of Side A — brothers Rodel (lead vocals and saxophone) and Naldy Gonzalez (keyboards), Mar Dizon (drums), Joey Benin (bass), Pido Lalimarmo (guitar), and Kelly Badon (guitar) – is back for a show that the band collectively describes as “a longer, fun-filled night of music.”

The first Side A Redux show was held virtually last January 30 to terrific reviews.

“Nothing but good vibes. We are holding the show on the date of the 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. While we will remember the day of infamy and do not forget those who died, we also want to celebrate life and bring some song to a day of bereavement,” said Rodel Gonzalez who has lived in Florida for a couple of decades now.

Song indeed.

Calesa 2nd Set will feature a new composition from the band “Until You” and the composer’s version of Side A’s most beloved hit, “Forevermore.”

Benin wrote “Forevermore” for his wife Bing (one of their first hits “Eva Marie” was written when the couple was still dating). The hit single was included in Side A’s fourth album, By Your Side, that also served as the band’s first ever international release.

“When we recorded ‘Forevermore,’ it was Side A’s second vocalist Joey Generoso, who sang it. We have a new arrangement for the song and I’ll be singing the song,” shared Benin.

“Speaking of new songs and arrangements, the band is contemplating on re-recording their first album along with new songs,” added Naldy Gonzalez.

Also joining Calesa 2nd Set is Clara Benin, the daughter of Joey Benin, who has made a name for herself as a singer-songwriter, and Morissette, the 25-year old R&B sensation.

Added Rodel Gonzalez, “During our reunion show – Calesa Side A Redux to signify that this is the original line-up and that there is no conflict with the current line-up in which my brother, Naldy is a part of – it was a real reunion. One that paid homage to our roots while raising money in this pandemic for Alpabasa, PJPS, Tanging Yaman Foundation, Inc., JesuitAid, and the Jesuit Volunteers Philippines. This time, we are supporting the ANCOP Foundation and the Feed the Hungry program.”

“If you love good music, then we invite you all to celebrate life with us on a day like September 11,” summed up Rodel Gonzalez.

Side A Redux Calesa 2nd Set is sponsored by Forex, Ateneo College Batch 1988, ANCOP, and

Tickets to the “Side A Redux Calesa 2nd Set” online concert may (slated for 8:30PM Philippine time (8:30PM Dubai time; 6:30PM Milan, Italy time; and 8:30PM North America time) cost P1,000.00 or US $20. Tickets may be purchased at or

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