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K-pop boy band The Boyz achieved a personal best when their new album sold more than 500,000 copies.

The Boyz released “Thrill-ing” on Aug. 9 and according to Hanteo Chart, the album sold 523,630 copies in the first week of release, an increase of 146 percent from their previous album “Chase,” which sold 212,666 copies in the first week.

This is the first time that The Boyz sold at least 500,000 copies for an album since debuting in 2017. According to Hanteo Chart, “Thrill-ing” sold 149,393 copies on the first day on Aug. 9, followed by 60,555 on Aug. 10, 29,239 copies on Aug. 11, 74,479 copies on Aug. 12, 83,125 copies on Aug. 13th, 26,275 copies on Aug. 14 and 100,563 copies on Aug. 15.

Hanteo Chart said it will give The Boyz a gold certificate to certify their first week sales of more than 500,000.

The chart added that in the first week of release, “Thrill-ing” topped the daily physical album chart.

In addition, “Thrill-ing” grabbed first place on Hanteo Chart’s weekly album chart for the period Aug. 9 to 15 and The Boyz recorded the highest album sales among comebacking artists in August to date.

“Thrill Ride,” the carrier song of the album, took the top spot on iTunes Top Songs chart in 16 countries.

During their press conference, Juyeon explained, “The term ‘thrill’ holds a lot of different meanings and that’s why we chose it as the keyword for our new album. I think this term speaks for us… And thrills are actually something that people long for during the sweltering summer,” according to the Korea Times.

“This time, we brought back the refreshing vibe that we showcased in the early days of our career,” said Ju Haknyeon said.

The Boyz participated in the show “Kingdom: Legendary War” that featured other boy bands and according to Sunwoo, “As we went head-to-head with other singers, we had to contemplate our strengths and style. (After discovering them,) we tried to highlight these elements on our new album.”

“For Thrill-ing, we strived to display our cool and refreshing vibe, which was hardly visible in the performances we staged on Kingdom,” said Younghoon.

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