Britney Spears and her father Jamie Spears

‘Free Britney’ movement sees light at end of tunnel.

A Judge suspended Jamie Spears from Britney’s conservatorship this week, Wednesday. This removes Britney’s father’s control on the singer’s $60 million estates.

Judge Brenda Penny said, “I believe that the suspension of (James Spears) is in the best interest of the conservatee, Ms. Britney Spears. The current situation is untenable.”

The judge also said that the removal of Jamie Spears is “effective today.”

A date for a follow-up hearing to consider the full termination of the conservatorship is set for November 12.

The Judge cited that the pleadings in the case convinced her that “Jamie (Spears’) position at the helm of his daughter’s created a ‘toxic environment’ for his daughter.” The judge’s decision comes after Britney Spears revealed in court back in June and July that accused her father of managing an “abusive” and “demoralizing” conservatorship that left her feeling “bullied” and “alone,” Rolling Stone reports.

Britney Spears’ conservatorship started in 2008 amidst concerns over the popstars’ mental health and substance abuse. The “Toxic” singer has since claimed that the conservatorship “forced her to work against her will, compelled her to take powerful drugs that left her feeling drunk, cut her off from her friends, and led her to believe she couldn’t remove an IUD to try for another child.”

“This conservatorship is literally allowing my dad to ruin my life,” the singer said in testimony via phone in a Los Angeles courtroom last June.

Britney Spears’ lawyer Mathew Rosengart, hired by the singer back in June, expects that the conservatorship will be terminated come November 12.

“Today is a great day,” said Rosengart, addressing Britney Spears’ supporters outside of the courthouse after. “It’s a great day for Britney Spears and it’s a great day for justice. And there’s definitely something to celebrate. But it’s also a solemn day. Britney has been faced with a decade-long nightmare, a Kafkaesque nightmare orchestrated by her father and others, I’m so proud of her for her courage, her strength, and her poignancy. And I’ve only been on this matter a couple of months, but I’m so proud to say we’ve gotten to know each other very well, and she’s so pleased and she’s so thankful to all of you.”

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