Epy Quizon mounts his advocacy campaign dubbed “MagkaisaPH” with the theme song “Lukso ng Dugo”.

During a Zoom press event, Quizon said the campaign is aimed at promoting peace and alleviate kids from being recruited to wars.

“Lukso ng Dugo” was recorded by 30 artists, including Gary Valenciano, Gloc 9, and Yeng Constantino, which will be launched during the World Food Day on Oct. 16 at 8 p.m. 

The song “Lukso ng Dugo ” was born during Quizon’s visit to Mindanao as a peace ambassador of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP). It was on this trip that he and his group personally met and heard the cries of the Lumads, a group of indigenous people.

“It provoked the emotions in me,” Quizon shared his shock as he witnessed children as young as six carrying firearms amid the chaos in Marawi. “I told myself, in five or eight years, that child will fire at us, and I cannot let that happen.”

Quizon and Direk Malaya’s flight on the way back to Manila became the point of discussion, they tackled how they needed to convince these children not to join the army. Apparently, the recruited children are offered salaries up to P70,000 to join their factions. 

With a guitar and a team willing to arrange the song, there came “Lukso ng Dugo.”

“There was a need to communicate peace and come up with a movement which will reach not only the affected individuals but the whole nation,” he said. 

Quizon also recalled how the song almost got shelved. The initial release was supposed to be last year, but the pandemic made things more hectic for the involved artists. 

“Two days passed, and no artist was showing up to record,” he said. “I thought maybe this won’t work, the invitations were not effective, but on the third day, artists started pouring in. Funnily, Mr. Gary Valenciano was in the opposite recording booth, I showed him the lyrics and he volunteered to join” Quizon said.

It was also revealed that the recording artists in “Lukso ng Dugo” refused payment. 

At the beginning of the virtual press conference, attendees pointed out that the media conference aligns during the anniversary of Martial Law. Quizon explained he scheduled the press event with the thought of International Day of Peace, coincidentally celebrated last Sept. 21. 

“There is no political intention in this song, this song is to mediate the middle ground between electoral candidates,” he said. This campaign is to fulfill his father, Dolphy’s dream to contribute to society. The song is completely non-profit, and royalties will go straight to the “Dolphy Para sa Pinoy Foundation,” a foundation providing education to kids in need.

“Lukso ng Dugo” will be released on Oct. 16, 8 pm, accessible through the Magkaisa PH YouTube channel, headed by a 10-day countdown starting from Oct. 6. 

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