Late rocker left a treasure trove of music and good memories to those close to him.

Almost a year since his passing, family and friends have come together to celebrate Jamir Garcia’s creativity and memory.

During an online presser, Jamir’s siblings and those who have closely worked with him, announce the release of the rocker’s new single titled “Paraiso.”

Said single is slated to drop on the late rocker’s birth anniversary on Sunday, September 5. Along with the single, comes a new music video.

“Paraiso” is released under Balcony Entertainment and is produced by Rico Blanco.

On the online presser, Jamir’s siblings; eldest brother Kenneth, renowned tattoo artist Chris, and Sonboy were on hand to share how the posthumous project came to be.

“Since day one he was already writing,” recalled Sonboy adding, “it all started when (Jamir) got a groove box,” all those years ago. Since then, “parati siyang nagsusulat” and putting down music. Then “the last 2 years, he was always talking about a solo album.” Sonboy recalled that Jamir would always send him samples of his songs. “Around April 2020, pinaparinig na niya yung (demo ng) “Paraiso.” And you can sense Jamir’s excitement through his e-mails.”

An online listening of “Paraiso” sees Jamir Garcia ditching the sound of Slapshock for a more subdued feel. Nevertheless, the hallmarks of Jamir’s previous work are discernible; the implied heaviness, the honesty in delivery. A Hiphop element can also be heard, when we heard Jamir rapping for several bars.  

“Ibang-iba yung tunog,” Sonboy enthused.  

Jamir’s brothers are working to make sure Jamir’s music gets the right treatment. “We knew it needed somebody to put it together,” said Chris Garcia, adding, “and we only had one person in mind.”

Enter Rico Blanco.

“(Rico) will treat yung songs ni Jamir as if it’s one of his songs,” said Kenneth Garcia. “Kabisado na ni Rico ang gusto ni Jamir.”

For Rico’s part he said that “when I was approached, it wasn’t a question of (whether I’ll do it). It was an honor for me.” Rico has worked previously with the rocker. “He’s a sweet guy,” Blanco added.

In completing “Paraiso,” Blanco shared that he had to recreate some of the parts that Jamir had laid down on his demos. But that was only to “correct timing issues” and to make the tracks uniform. “Some sounds I had to copy Jamir play,” said the veteran songwriter. But cited that most of the melodies “came from Jamir.” Blanco went on to say that for this particular track, he was more into adding colors to what was already there. That Jamir already had the key elements to “Paraiso” and that his aim was “to enhance his story.”

There are about eight to nine songs that Jamir left unfinished. But those in charge are not in a rush to put it all out at the same time. “Gusto ko isa-isang buksan (ang music files ni Jamir),” Blanco said. “I want to savor it.” 

The new music video for “Paraiso” is produced by Jamir’s longtime associate  Raymund Punzalan. “I printed all these photos of Jamir (through the years) and shot them using an Iphone.” He added that fans of Jamir should expect never-before seen photos of the rocker on the music video.

As for what the new song means, Sonboy shared that “’Paraiso’ is Jamir finally having a moment to catch his breath,” after 20-plus years with Slapshock. 

But for most of them, family and friends, “Paraiso” is a healing moment. 

“Hearing his voice was a therapeutic moment.” 

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