Pinky Tobiano (left) and Moie

Aware of the damage brought about by the pandemic on livelihood locally and globally, celebrities came out to support local backyard piggery farmers by encouraging Filipinos to buy pork from local hog-raisers.

Lifestyle show host chemist Pinky Tobiano led Filipino stars in supporting the campaign to eat locally produced pork.

In her online public service program “Grateful Tuesdays,” Pinky met ordinary citizens affected by the pandemic.

Some of them were farmers-backyard pig raisers whose income plummeted due to the African Swine Flu and the skyrocketing price of pork and pork products.

Sam Milby

The situation prompted Pinky to push the “Support Pinoy Pork” campaign with fellow advocates Chester Warren Tan (National Federation of Hog Farmers) and Nonon Tambago (Pork Producers Federation of the Philippines).

They were later joined by other stars Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, Erik Santos, Dr. Vicki Belo, and Moie Bien.

“I support Pinoy pork farmers. Sa bawat kagat, kagat ng pag-asa (every bite is a bite of hope),” said Milby.

Such a campaign can be a big help in encouraging Filipinos to buy pork, in effect helping others involved in the business, she said.

“I just would like to help the Filipino pork farmers, especially the backyard farmers who are trying to make ends meet for their families. Like this pork farmer who was able to raise his family through backyard piggery. But this pandemic brought their business down. So we are encouraging our countrymen, when they go to the market, to please buy Pinoy pork. Yummier, tastier, safer,” Pinky added.

Vickie Belo (left) and Pinky Tobiano

Pinky said she is grateful to these celebrities for their sincere help in promoting local products-especially agricultural products, including Pinoy pork.

“Let’s choose our own Filipino products. Help our own Filipino pork producers. Celebrities like Piolo, Sam and Moi. They all believe in helping our fellowmen. When we asked to help, they are sincere in giving their support. They believe, ‘God loves a cheerful giver.’ That’s why they really want to help, especially during this pandemic,” Pinky said.

Tambago said: “We need to help the pig farmers, especially those in the countryside, because that’s their main livelihood in this pandemic. We’re truly thankful to those celebrities who joined us in supporting the backyard pig farmers, gratis et amore. They’re one in supporting  the livelihood of hog-raisers.”

Next week, Pinky will be joined in by Erik Santos as they cook Pinoy pork adobo for 100 jeep drivers from Quezon City.

“Let’s be one and united with them, support local pork. Support Pinoy pork,” said Pinky.

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