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10) Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries (Aug. 20, 2011) – price tag: US$10 million


9) Petra Ecclestone and James Stunt (Aug. 27, 2011) – price tag: US$20 million


8) Priya Sachdler and Vikram Chatwall (Feb. 18, 2006) – price tag: US$20 million


7) Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (May 24, 2014) – price tag: US$30 million


6) Aleksandra Kokotovic and Andrey Melnichenko (Sept. 3, 2005) – price tag: US$30 million


5) Kate Middleton and Prince William (April 29, 2011) -price tag: US$34 million


4) Princess Salama and Sheikh Mohammed bin ZayedAl Nahyan (1981) – price tag: US$45 million

3) Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (May 19, 2018) – price tag: US$ 45.8 million


2) Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia (June 2004) – price tag: US$78 million

  1. Lady Diana and Prince Charles (July 29, 1981) – price tag: US$110 million

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