BTS wearing Louis Vuitton (Twitter/Louis Vuitton) 

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion Show in Seoul with K-pop superstars BTS in July set a record for the “most-viewed fashion show ever,” according to Twitter.

Twitter Marketing posted on Aug. 31 that the fashion show drew nearly 37 million viewers with 1.3 million Twitter engagements.

“A massive 36.8m people tuned in to watch the @LouisVuitton Men’s Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion Show, making it the most-viewed fashion show ever, while 1.3m engagements also made it the most talked-about,” according to its post on Twitter Marketing Success Stories.

It added, “In the week of the show, @LouisVuitton even became the most popular brand in the world, with over 6 million mentions of #LVMenFW21. The unprecedented levels of Gen-Z engagement boosted the brand’s follower base by over a million within a week.”

In April, Louis Vuitton announced that BTS members are the brand’s new house ambassadors, saying, “BTS for Louis Vuitton. Joining as new House Ambassadors, the world renowned Pop Icons [BTS] @bts.bighitofficial are recognized for their uplifting messages that impart a positive influence. Louis Vuitton is pleased to welcome members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook.”

For the Men’s Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion Show in Seoul, Louis Vuitton “collaborated with BTS and Twitter’s Luxury Hub in Paris for a global Twitter campaign that would increase visibility, desirability and engagement with the brand around the world.”

The brand’s collection was presented at Art Bunker B39 outside Seoul. BTS attended the show to model clothes from Louis Vuitton’s men’s artistic director Virgil Abloh.

According to Twitter Marketing, “@LouisVuitton planned to appeal to the band’s hugely passionate fanbase by inviting users to watch the Live Men’s Fashion Show starring BTS, using Twitter’s live-streaming capabilities to build anticipation around the world. To do this, @LouisVuitton worked with Twitter Next, a lab of technologists, program managers, and designers to craft a bespoke orchestration that put an innovative, personalized twist on the usual call-to-action format.”

“The result was a stunning success, making those who tuned in feel like part of an exclusive and unmissable event, and breaking engagement records for @LouisVuitton, @BTS_bighit and Twitter,” it added.

BTS “invited fans to like a Tweet in order to receive an invitation to watch the @LouisVuitton Men’s Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion Show on Twitter. This created a sense of occasion and excitement around the event and made fans feel that they could be part of something special.”

People who liked the BTS tweet received “personalized notification by @LouisVuitton with the option to set a reminder for the live stream of the show. This helped to build anticipation and make the event feel unmissable.”

“After the event, @LouisVuitton targeted relevant audiences that might have missed the live show, allowing them to watch a full replay,” it added.

The original tweet from BTS garnered 2.2 million likes and Louis Vuitton’s retweet got the luxury brand’s “highest level of engagement ever: 1.1m likes and 600,000 retweets,” Twitter Marketing stated.

In total, 1.7 million Twitter users got personalized invitations to watch the live fashion show “and the numbers setting reminders totaled roughly 25 times more than the benchmark for a fashion show – a new record for the function on Twitter.”

“Twitter was instrumental in putting this worldwide campaign online in collaboration with BTS. The Brand Notification combined with the media coverage of the Live Fashion Show enabled us to set up a very efficient orchestration. Twitter is the only platform that allows us to carry out such a successful campaign,” said Guillaume Pfeiffer, Paid Social Director, and Tiffany Pastre, Paid Social Executive, KR Wavemaker (Louis Vuitton’s media agency).

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