Adjeng will have her fifth digital single ‘Please’ released in digital music stores on Sept. 24

There’s this notion that this new normal setup where most people are obliged to stay home as possible makes way for a good challenge to married couples everywhere. In an ideal world, extended hours of togetherness lead to stronger relationships that come with intimacy.

Singer-songwriter Adjeng, herself a married woman with a straightforward outlook on marital love, made use of her current creative streak to emphasize her definition of that touch of love.

“I wanted to come up with something that doesn’t shy away from what God designed marriage to be, and that is being one in mind, body, and soul,” she noted, referring to her latest digital single release.

The track is called “Please,” set to drop in digital music stores of note by Friday, Sept. 24. It is her fifth single in six months – a streak rare even in this era of putting it out in digital format whenever you can.

But such is Adjeng’s creative spurt she can come up with a new song almost every month. Nothing in “Please” suggests that the artist sounds tired. In fact, she’s all clear and caressing in her delivery of a pop love song that has great hooks and a warm message. She shared, “I’m not at all ashamed to say that this song is about passion between a wife and a husband, intimacy between two people in a God-given marital love. Just as I am passionate about music and writing, I wanted a song that is precisely about the passion a wife has for her husband, the passion a husband has for his wife. And there is poetry in that.”

Known in music circles as a lady singer in a band and a regular fixture at first-rate songwriting competitions, Adjeng is off to a good start as far as introducing herself as a solo act. Big thanks to her strong spirituality and morally upright conviction.

She shared, “Given that I am a Christian and a married woman, I wanted to come up with a song that declares the beauty of intimacy shared between a wife and a husband, because anything designed by God and fulfills His design can never be thwarted or considered distasteful. There are lines in my song that say, “Your heart speaks the words and my soul understands…love we make is by heaven’s hands.”

While there are artists blatantly writing about taboo topics just to get attention or in the guise of being raw and therefore powerful, here’s Adjeng writing and singing about intimacy in a classy way. She added, “I want to think that I am writing and singing for an intelligent public.”

As with her previous releases, Adjeng collaborated with her songwriting partner and family friend Nino Regalado who “handles the music production of the songs we write and collaborate on together.” Guitarist Noel Mendez worked his magic and played for the track.

Giving her take on being part of a successful songwriting duo that included a Finals stint on Philpop songfest in 2013 (“Sometimes That Happens”), Adjeng explained, “I genuinely think that it is a blessing that we have good working chemistry, and the fact that we believe in each other’s capabilities. I have worn the designs of his fashion designer-wife Johanna to many occasions, and I happily purchase from her healthy baked-goods biz. I am a godmother to Nino’s youngest son, while Nino is godfather to my youngest son. Nino and I jam covers, and his eldest son plays guitar in our videos. Nino and my husband Rodrin share a love for The Cure.”

Asked about her astounding creative output since she began releasing solo singles last summer, the eloquent multi-talented family woman pointed out, “I like the pace that I am keeping right now. Personally, I like that there’s enough amount of creative work to keep me on my toes. I have had my hands full with my usual wifely duties and hands-on parenthood apart from my writing and making music. I’ve also been able to squeeze in attending an international vocal training workshop and even complete attendance at a recent songwriting online camp.”

Adjeng debuted last April with “O Sige Lang,” followed by “If Only” the following month, “Walk On Water” by July, and “Sometimes That Happens” last month. For “Please,” artist Cha Salido crafted an image that embraces its mood and message.

She related, “Releasing a single every month gives me time to cradle and nurture each of my chosen singles and give time to share about it at a pace I am comfortable with.”

So, what’s really the secret to Adjeng’s spurt and swag? Let her elaborate. “It helps that my songwriting partner Nino and I are on the same page in terms of faith. We, together with our loved ones, depend heavily on God, who is the source of inspiration. I think that when we write, we don’t have a set plan, like “this is how it is supposed to sound,” or “I want to make it sound like a hit song.” There is just an authenticity that I feel is present. And when that is present, no song will ever sound contrived or forced. I do believe that when it is a perfect time, your song will reach its rightful audience. I am just happily enjoying being an artist who embraces her authentic voice.”

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