The top 10 countries that listened the most to Spotify’s K-pop Daebak playlist in the last seven years (Spotify) 

Spotify, the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service, celebrated the seventh year of its flagship “K-pop Daebak” playlist and revealed the top 10 streaming countries.

According to Spotify, the K-pop Daebak playlist was launched on Sept. 12, 2014 and it now has over 3.1 million followers on Spotify worldwide.

The playlist serves as a global hub to K-pop, introducing Korean artists to K-pop fans and listeners around the world.

Since its inception, the K-pop Daebak playlist has garnered nearly 5.3 billion minutes streamed. Spotify said the playlist alone reached about 1.7 billion streams worldwide, and was streamed for nearly 5.3 billion minutes over the past seven years.

Spotify said this is over 88 million hours, translating to an equivalent of over 10,000 years. In the last seven years, the playlist has featured about 70,000 tracks.

Among listeners, the Gen Z demographic group from 18 to 24 years old enjoyed the playlist the most with 51 percent, followed by 25-29 (20 percent), 17 or under (13 percent), 30-34 (8%), 35-44 (6 percent) and others (2 percent).

According to Spotify, the top 10 countries that have listened to the K-pop Daebak playlist the most in the last seven years are the United States, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Brazil and Australia.

“Spotify is dedicated to connecting Korean artists and their work to listeners all over the world, so that music can be discovered and enjoyed far and wide across borders,” said Kossy Ng, Spotify’s Head of Music, Asia. “This has, and will continue to be, our mission in Korea for the long term and we are honored to serve as a bridge that connects K-pop and Korean artists to the world.”

In addition to K-Pop Daebak, Spotify offers other playlists and music from Korean artists through its global K-pop hub. Playlists range from “RADAR Korea” and “‘Fresh Finds Korea” dedicated to helping listeners discover newly rising Korean artists, to R&B and Hip Hop focused “TrenChill K-R&B,” “K-Hip Hop +82,” indie music focused “In The K-Indie” and way beyond.

The hub also has multiple playlists filled with tracks from Korea that are ever-evolving, organized per various themes, moods and moments.
In addition, since launching its service in Korea in February, Spotify has also accelerated its support for Korean labels and artists by providing Masterclasses of its Spotify for Artists platform, featuring various cutting-edge tools and data, to empower them to connect with a larger global audience.

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